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I Want This Mod Conglomeration Of Car

I really want a Mod conglomeration of the car! This cool car looks, it’s covered with fabric and decoupage medium. Would you ever Mod the hodgepodge of a car?!

Okay, so I know I don’t whether this is really a Mod hodgepodge car – but it looks like it. It could be definitely. I spotted it on Gypsy Purple, and I’m asking how I can get my hands on you.
For those who don’t know, Jan Wetstone, the original Creator of the Mod-smorgasbord in 1967, decoupaged a car with the leaves back in the day. You Mod Podged on a VW beetle, the Gypsy Purple car!
While the Mod-hodgepodge 45-year anniversary in 2012, I have a chance to talk with Jan and ask them about the car. I was so excited to see how it lasted, and she said that her son drove for many years!
I thought that was just so cool – and here’s a picture of the car that Jan had, with the leaves:
one day I’m going to be a Mod conglomeration of the car. It may not be a bug, but I’m going to buy something fun on the cheap and add sheets vintage bed or fabric.
The biggest thing I’ve ever Mod Podged a bookshelf. So I ask you: what is the biggest thing you’ve ever Mod Podged? And would you drive a Mod conglomeration of car??

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