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How You Mod The Hodgepodge Of Material-Wood-Furniture

You are curious as to how you Mod the hodgepodge of material-wood-furniture? This post gives you tips and tricks and sample projects!

I get a lot of questions about re-doing furniture by Mod Podging fabric. If you would like to Mod the hodgepodge of fabric on wood, it’s not as hard as it looks – and I wanted to give you some tips and share some projects that I think you’ll enjoy.
What you should do first is watch this video. It’s going to give you the basics of furniture-decoupage (if it’s paper). But it will help you get started. Take a look:

So, where do you start? Now that you’ve decided to Mod the hodgepodge of fabric on wood, you need to prepare the surface first. I explain completely, how to get started prep furniture for decoupage, please visit this post to. Preparing your piece for decoupage has an important influence on the final result. You want to make sure that you do, correctly.
saw as soon As you’ve the video and you can read my article on prepping, you’re decoupaging ready to start. I recommend that you read the following tips and tricks! I’m going to walk you through a project, starting at step 1 . . . assuming you’ve already prepared your furniture.
Mod patchwork fabric on wood tips & Tricks
1. Base coat your furniture with an appropriate color. Yes, you can decoupage on the wood raw material. You can also painted the Mod hodgepodge of cloth on wood.
Having said that, here’s the Problem: if you use the decoupage-cotton fabric, the light on a surface, the dark below, you WILL see the color through the fabric. LIGHTWEIGHT cotton fabric tends to be somewhat transparent when applied decoupage medium.
So, for example, if I have a bookshelf decoupaging with a yellow cotton fabric I’d go with a bright color such as white or light-yellow below.
Now, if your fabric is a decorator’s weight, you won’t need to do this. The fabric is thick enough so that it won’t show the color below.
2. Wash and dry your fabric. Before you cut fabric on wood, you’ll want to wash and dry it. People ask me all the time, if you have to do this step. You don’t have to. Having said that, you take a huge risk, if you don’t.
This is because the fabric has sizing in it, and sometimes it can stain dark. It doesn’t always do that, but sometimes it is not. The sizing doesn’t remove to solve the Problem, but it really helps.
3. You Use A Hard Layer Of Mod Smorgasbord. Many of the tutorials on my Website that were for the furniture before the invention of the furniture Mod smorgasbord. But now that it’s here – take advantage of them! It’s the perfect formula for the Mod-a hodgepodge of wood.
4. Prepare the fabric with Mod-hodgepodge. I always put my fabric down on a piece of wax paper and brush the Mod smorgasbord on it. You can see the Demo here. The reason for this is because it’s easier to work with fabric that has been decoupaged.br>It doesn’t fray and it takes on a less floppy, more paper like consistency. It’s particularly important when decoupaging, the large areas with fabric.
5.Decoupage for both the wood and the back of the fabric. If you Mod the hodgepodge of fabric on wood, you’ll decoupage medium to add to both the back of the fabric and the top of the wood.
6. You use a brayer. To go along with step 4, you’ll want to have a brayer for smoothing the fabric down. You can do it without, but I’m saying you – you want. My favorite is this Mod smorgasbord-tool-Set. You have a brayer, and then the squeegee is for the inner corners (such as on the inner side of the drawer or tray).
7. They work slowly and in sections. You need to have the Mod-conglomeration be done quickly, but the entire project should be slow. That is, if you apply a substance on a table, do it in sections.
In your mind, divide the table top in four sections (for example). Cut one end of the fabric to the bottom – then you will work in sections to the other end – application of Mod smorgasbord and smoothing as you go.
basically, what I’is m: don’t get crazy, and try to decoupage a huge piece of fabric face up on a tabletop at once. The Mod collection is to dry, before you put it down, and it’s that blow and be annoying.
8. Consider practicing. When you get a piece of furniture, the ruin you really don’t want to think about using a $1 wooden plaque from the craft store and a piece of fabric, comfortable. Practice makes perfect, and – especially if you’ve never decoupaged before – you want to make it right!
9. Be prepared for the disaster. Of course, in the hope that they will fit your project perfectly the first time. BUT if you have the fabric down and smooth and then you can find don’t how it – what do you do?? Rip up as soon as possible, sand, paint, and start again. It’s going to be in order. I Promise!
to hear your questions or tips for Mod Podging fabric wood in the comments!
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