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How you Mod the hodgepodge of a Box with napkins

Learn how to Mod smorgasbord with a box of napkins in this dollar store craft tutorial. It was FREE and simple enough for adults or kids!

On a trip to the Dollar tree (love that store!!!) I found some great flamingo napkin, and I could not resist’t get to them. They were just too cool. I knew I had to do a Mod hodgepodge of crafts with them. But what??
I came home and started thinking, then I came up with the idea of covers to keep a box with my craft supplies. I’ve wanted a craft like this for a while, so I was really excited to get started on my box makeover.
How do you height Mod hodgepodge of a Box
For this Flamingo-y crafts, you are going to need to:
Collect These Supplies

Mod hodgepodge Matt
hot glue
- carton

step 1 – Choose your size of Box
I recently got a new phone and so I had the perfect size box sitting on my counter. I have my “loyal” X-Acto knife to cut the edges.

step 2 – color Box
Then I painted my box. I wasn’t know if you would want to see the color check box under the napkin and I didn’t take all the chances. I only have one layer of green color on the outside and two layers of white color on the inside. the Let each layer dry for 30 minutes.

step 3 – Add your napkin
next, it was time to get my napkins!! Veryupset.br>I have a layer of Mod smorgasbord on the bottom of the box and lined up my napkin, then I continued the process all the way to the top of the box. I wrapped the excess napkin around the sides of the box.on both sides, and let the Mod-conglomeration of dry-20 minutes, then I went over the upper part of the napkin, the one with more Mod-smorgasbord.

step 4 – Fit napkin box,
I was lucky, I was able to cut directly on the fold of the napkin and fold it perfectly with the same technique as the sides. Finally, I cut a small napkin square and added it to the end.
Let everything dry for 30 minutes.

step 5 – Add the ribbon Detail
I wanted to add one last detail, the inside of the box, and clean up the line a little bit, so I ran to my craft stash and found some pink ribbon.
I Have been using hot glue to keep my ribbon in place.

Now, I’m all done, I started to add things in the interior. I've recorded some rounds for my Mod smorgasbord of products and they all fit perfectly!!! Now you know how to Mod the hodgepodge of a box which is easy.

This flamingo-box turned out so sweet, now I’m gonna have to have a few flamingo things around the house.
The napkins were so easy to work with; I can’t I think haven’t you in a craft yet. Now I’m going to be on the lookout for cool napkin designs, so I can have another box makeover!
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