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How to Use Puzzle glue: Mod-hodgepodge-Puzzle-Saver

Learn how to glue a puzzle with puzzle glue! My favorite is the Mod-hodgepodge-Puzzle Saver. I’ll show you my process for preserving your puzzle permanently.

Since I was little, I’ve been addicted to puzzles. My favorite puzzle when I was young, was a white cat. We didn’t even have cats because my father and my brothers were allergic.I liked the puzzle because of the large amount of white area, it was a challenge to put together. Some of my favorites were mounted on my wall, and the way I have to glue the pieces, the was puzzle glue.Puzzle glueIf you’re questions, how to glue a puzzle to do, it’s REALLY easy. My favorite puzzle-glue with Mod-hodgepodge-Puzzle Saver. It comes in two sizes:
The 8-ounce Puzzle Saver on the left side is for the serious “puzzle Fan.”, you can do a LOT of puzzles with this bottle, so buy it, if you or your family do them all the time.The Puzzle Saver package on the right side is nice because it comes with a brush. Depending on the size of the puzzle, you can do a minimum of 2 – 3 with this puzzle-glue package.Why Use-Puzzle glueI’ve been asked this question before because a lot of people to break your puzzles and put them back in the box when you are finished – looking forward to getting you out and do it again.of Course you can do that, but some people want to get their puzzles permanently, usually hanging on the wall.as soon As your puzzle is glued, stick it in a frame with or without glass. The puzzle glue makes it so that you can keep together, also without a glass, to keep it.is another option for assembling your puzzle on a canvas. I’ve seen people a puzzle, use puzzle glue to seal it, and then hang it on the canvas and hang.Are you ready to learn how a puzzle-glue with Mod hodgepodge Puzzle Saver? Keep reading!Like a PuzzleCollect These SuppliesDone puzzleMod hodgepodge Puzzle saver paint brush if you 0000 steel wool don’t get the package with the brushWax paper#(optional) Here’s the puzzle I have for my demonstration. I love pretty much the bottlecaps and colorful nature of this puzzle! your first step is the transport of your puzzle on an area that you know that your work surface is safe. that means That you want to begin, perhaps, by your puzzle on wax paper in the first place.I actually use a puzzle roll-up Mat, which is made of felt. This is because I can’t you leave my puzzles all the time – I don’t have a place – so the wax paper isn’t workfor meSo, to preserve if it’s time, a puzzle that I have to be really careful how I do it! I want don’t the puzzle Mat ruin the bottom when I glue. I’ll show you what I mean. So, my first layer of Mod-hodgepodge Puzzle Saver, I have a VERY light layer. My goal is to secure the pieces, so that I am the puzzle you can safely move from the Mat without measuring it up. I let it dry for about 15 – 20 minutes. THEN I push him away from the Mat to a surface. If I see no income have on my Mat, I'll wipe you . . . or you just let it dry. There may be a few points, but since my first layer of puzzle glue was so easy, it’s never too much.Once you’ve got it on a better surface, coat with a medium layer of Mod-hodgepodge-Puzzle Saver. Let dry. you may Have a few pieces that are loose that they get didn’t. Just attach it in place with more puzzle-glue. as soon As your puzzle is finished and dry, you can display it in a frame or otherwise, as you like! You are able to pick up the puzzle easy, if it’s glued and move – the pieces for sure.Optional: the Mod-hodgepodge Puzzle Saver – depending on the brush you are using – maybe some brush strokes in it. To minimize, use a piece of #0000 steel wool over the top. It really helps!

Now you know how to glue a puzzle, would you try it? Let me know your methods and tips in the comments!

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