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How to Simple photo-Christmas decorations

Create festive, personalized photo Christmas ornaments with your favorite pictures, wood blocks and Mod-hodgepodge. These DIY photo ornaments make great gifts!

Hello, fellow Mod Podgers! It’s Linda here, from burlap+blue, with a festive and fun personalized photo Christmas ornaments-tutorial, today to share with all of you.
It’to think hard, the holidays are upon us, and these make a Great gift for the love in your life (I need to know . . . To give away I’ve already been to four of these cuties)! Here’s how you a few of these fantastic photo ornaments.
photo Christmas ornaments
Collect These Supplies

Mod hodgepodge gloss
wood blocks (sanded, with a hole drilled through the center)
foam brush
square photos
Rit dye (optional)

step 1: first, You’ll have to size and print the images you want to use on your blocks. The blocks I used are 1.5″ cube, so I resized my photos down to 1.25″. I have four photos per block, and three blocks per ornament, for a total of 12 pictures per ornament.
Don’t forget to also have a space for the date! If you’re not able to make the blocks yourself, you can easily find online (here’s a link to some I found on Amazon). FYI-I have Photoshop Elements, the size should work, in my pictures, but all of the photo editor (PicMonkey is free of charge).
step 2: If desired, you can use Rit dye to dye your blocks. Here’s a tutorial I did last year on dyeing clothespins – use the same technique for the coloring of the blocks. Step 3: With scissors, cut your pictures, and Mod smorgasbord on the four sides of the block.
step 4: Let it dry. Three layers of Mod apply to seal smorgasbord, so that the blocks to dry well between coats. Almost done! Now we’ bar;re ready to add the ribbon. I used a length of ribbon that was 25″ long, you need a different length, depending on the size of your blocks.
step 5: fold the Band in half and tie a knot at the top of the ribbon. This is how you will hang your ornament from your tree (or wherever the recipient decides to display it).
step 6: Take the loose ends of the ribbon, and string all of the three blocks on. You can tie a knot between each block (as in the photo below), or skip it. I think it looks good either way!
When you are finished, bar, tie a knot at the bottom of the multi-function to hold the blocks. Finally, lengths of ribbon and tie the loop end of the ribbon to decorate it!

thanks for making me share my photo-Christmas decorations, today with all of you! You will find many tutorials and inspiration on my blog!
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