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How to Recycle, 8-track tapes

So my mom loves to tell me that one of the reasons why they are attracted to my father was, he had an 8-track player in his car. I can’t decide whether this story is true or not, but hey – it sounds good! I discovered this craft cool idea from Kim and thought “ that is funny!”
you recycled everything else they go in the garbage, so why not 8-tracks? Then I realized that I have that scrapbook paper you used above.
So basically, it was intended so that I would have this feature. What a great card idea for someone who remembers 8-tracks, right? My mom should be my daddy!
And you should definitely visit the link below and check out Kim’blog s. You believe won’t, what she has done with recycled materials. It’s amazing!
8-track tape recycled music lyric art on Trashy Crafter

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