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How To Makeover Dollar-Tree-Votive-Candle-Holder

You will learn how to makeover Dollar-Tree-votive-candle-holders for a summer dinner party or a beach-themed wedding. Very budget-friendly!
On a trip to the Dollar tree I found these cute candles in a three-pack. I knew this would be a perfect craft to do some of the Mod collection and send her up! I was curious (of course), pull out some of my glitter for this dollar-store-crafts.
If you know me, then you know, I just LOVE it, with a bit of glitter. I usually use Tinker it to my children, but this time I decided to use it for my own craft.
Collect These Supplies

Mod hodgepodge Matt
tealight candle holder
Washi Tape

First steps
Since just I hodgepodge the candles, all I had to do was a roundup of my glitter and Mod. Oh, yeah, then all I had to do was wait for the kids to take a NAP so I could get crafting!

step 1 – Add your Mod collection and Glitter
I have a Tree in three different styles for my Dollar votive-candle-holder. The first one I covered the entire candle holder with Mod smorgasbord and sprinkled some glitter on top.
The second, I have the end of a pencil and made dots on the side of the candle holder and sprinkled my glitter on top.
Finally, the third, which I my “loyal” washi tape and duct tape from the floor. I have my Mod collection and then my glitter.
I let them all dry for about 10 minutes. Voila, you will see how easy that was!!

finally, my candles, I added some battery operated tea lights I found at the Dollar tree that was awesome!! This whole project was totally in the budget.
This would look like<, really nice for a summer dinner party or a beach-themed wedding or shower.br> only I could! even a summer dinner party and some more! I had these three done in about 5 minutes, so it wouldn 8217;t take me a long time to some more.
I hope you enjoy the project, thank you for stopping by!
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