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How to make recycled-Halloween-ornaments

In this budget-friendly, recycled Halloween craft, you’ll use Mod hodgepodge and old Christmas to make jewelry, these cool Halloween ornaments!

Hey Mod Podgers! I’m Becca from Blue Cricket Design, and I’m super happy to be here today! Mod hodgepodge definitely rocks, but not nearly as much as Amy and her awesome blog. Both are two of my favorites!!! I’m thrilled to come to be able and play and show off my MP skills. Are you ready for a little recycled Halloween craft fun?
introduction . . . Halloween Ornaments!!!
(also known as Halloween hangy thingy-ma-bobs!!)
these Halloween ornaments too much fun, or what? I was introduced to papier-mache Christmas ornament from my cousin! I thought to myself: “Self – wouldn’t this perfect for any holiday!?!”
for Sure!!!! Some of the bizarre painting and Halloween colors make these little guys spookerific. Here’s the “Like” deep at the bottom . . .
What you’ll need:

glass ornament I’m sure you will find in your Christmas stash. If you need to go, get some check your thrift stores first!!! I took a 24-pack for 50 cents. SCORE!
The magic craft nectar MOD HOTCHPOTCH
acrylic craft paint
patience . . . the painting can take a while
wire for hanging
beads for added flair.

1. Get ready for your balls! (trying not to laugh here!)

2. You take the newspaper and tear it into thin strips. If you rip the ribs from the top of the page to the bottom, it is super smooth and just is. TIP: the thinner The strips, the smoother the paper. The strips should be about 1/4″- 1/2″ thick.

3. Mix one part water with one part Mod-hodgepodge! Enough to dip your paper in.

4. Dip each strip in the MP mixture, get it all wet. With your Finger, wipe the excess mixture.
5. Start wrapping the wet paper strips onto the ornaments.

6. Continue wrapping paper strips and be sure the lip of the bulb that holds the top hanging thing.

7. Cover all of your ornaments are complete.

8. Hang it overnight to dry.br> Once you have completely dried, you can begin to go crazy and paint your heart! Get creative with your designs and patterns.
glitter and jewels in gloss or cut out Halloween images from scrapbook paper and decoupage them! The possibilities are endless. Add wire and beads if you plan to hang them. I have my Halloween ornaments to hang on doorknobs and Cabinet knobs throughout my house.
you can also set your Halloween ornaments in a bowl or a basket or a glass, as they are. Thanks for allowing me to share. Amy, you’re the best!

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