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How To Make Glass Cabochons

We get about five minutes into October when I realize I’m going to make in a time crunch, the gifts for the Christmas season. It’s like a tornado or Godzilla – I can just see it coming!
So, what I try to do, is the control of something, to be reasonable . . . not too heavy or overwhelming . . . but it is still a blow, and the receiver is.
this year, I’m all about these cabochons. It’s no secret, I love decoupage, jewellery, and these are right up my alley. Plus I can personalize what the likes of the receiver.
you want to plump pug cabochon necklace? How about Grumpy Cat? I can deliver. If you want to know how you click this, just click the tutorial link below.
Make your own glass cabochons

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