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How to make a Sparkly DIY skull wreath

This DIY skull wreath was made with very non-traditional Halloween colors! If you have a little glitter on your skull, you’ll love this.
I’m in love with the word “Boo” in the last time. It’s not much new, but for me, it is completely my feelings sums up this Halloween season. It’s my word this year. I decided it was time to have a little something to throw in this year is different, maybe a bit of “wrench in the works” if you will.
This is why you see a DIY skull wreath, above, is of silver, turquoise, and lime green with flowers. I’m going outside of the box with the Halloween colors, and I hope that you’ll with me!!! Here’s as easy skull wreath.
Make a skull wreath
they Collect Supplies

Large wreath – I got mine for $1 from the Dollar tree
papier mache skeleton head
Mod patchwork fabric
FolkArt paint – Azure Blue
FolkArt Extreme Glitter – turquoise
silver Spray paint
fabric-scraps – the coordination of colors
Sizzix Big Shot with the bats #3 and phrases, Boo dies – you can cut your own words and bats, if you don’t have a punch
decorative flowers – 4 coordination
glue the rhinestones on – 2 coordination
Cardstock – two sides white
Band – turquoise, To paint 2 meters
craft glue
hot gun

First of all, you’ll need glue, spray your wreath with silver. Normally, I would only paint the wreath, but with all the twists and turns, it’s a little complicated. Spray paint both sides and let them dry.
Paint your skull head, complete with Azure-Blue. You’ll want at least two coats of paint. Let dry.
Paint your skull head with two coats of turquoise Extreme Glitter. Oooh, shiny! Let dry.
you can Stick the flowers and rhinestones on the top of your skull head with craft glue. Let dry.
Prepare your substance with a Mod patchwork fabric. This means that to dry a medium layer of Mod smorgasbord down on the fabric with a brush and enables it. This is done so that, when the fabric through the cutter, the edges don’t fray. You do this with several fabric scraps in coordinating colors and let them dry.
I needed to reinforce to glue my fabric on my wreath, so I glued it on cardstock. Spread a medium layer of Mod smorgasbord on the cardstock and then smooth the fabric down.
I rolled it with a brayer to ensure it was VERY smooth. Let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes and then put a layer of Mod smorgasbord of over the top. Repeat with each of your fabric samples. Dry completelylet.br> Cut your fabric into small pieces and run it through the Big Shot with the die of your choice. If you don’t have a punch, you can do this step with some clip-art of online-and an X-Acto. You cut enough pieces to the wreath.
Use craft glue to secure your ribbon on the back of the wreath. You wrap the ribbon around the wreath, reather, and then you come back to where you started, and stick the tape back; trim, if necessary. Let dry.
Use the hot glue gun to secure the skull, head down in the middle of the wreath. You can try this with craft glue, but you’ll have to keep it in place for a while to let it dry.
hot glue the word “BOO” and the bats, all the way around the wreath, alternating sizes and patterns. Let everything dry and cool before your skull wreath to hang.
I hope you have a very nice week-Halloween, and please tune in every day. This is the first of many Halloween crafts as we count down until the big day.

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