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How to make a Mod hodgepodge of floor-cloth

Learn how to make a DIY floor cloth with linoleum and your favorite fabrics. A totally unique alternative to a standard carpet!

I can't believe that it’s taken a year after this Mod conglomeration wiper – but it’s the truth! Here’s what happened . . . reader Georgia e-Mail me about your awesome floor cloths last August, and I loved your style, so much so that I asked you, me to.
And because I always think about tutorials for you, I asked you to take a picture of the process. Georgia, the very wonderful and willing participants, that they did just that.
it captures the process, AND sent me to the ground cloth.
So what took so long, until you posted the ground cloth on the blog? Well, I moved into my studio last year and brought the ground cloth along for the ride . . . I Packed everything in a second room in the studio and it took me a long time to go through and everything you take a picture of the ground cloth.
Yep, put it in the back and I couldn’t find it. But now I’m proud to say, it’s been shown, for several months, and I’ve received many compliments from our guests who have visited and it is noticed!
All I need now is Georgia’s forgiveness for so long. I am excited to have your beautiful work and hope you can appreciate it. Here’s how she did it.
DIY floor cloth
Collect These Supplies

fabric in three patterns – enough to Cut to cover the linoleum
Mod hodgepodge Matt
Minwax Polycrylic

linoleum, the size that you want. And Yes, this is a regular, standard-issue linoleum – of the type comprising a kitchen floor. You’re back.
turns out, the top is perfect for the implementation on the ground, while the back technique is ideal for the napkin!
Choose the fabric you want to use (usually 3-pattern). I said Georgia, I love blues, so she was kind enough to pick up some beautiful fabrics that I would love!In terms of the amount of a substance that depends on the next step . . . .
Mark, to fabrics where you want to be on the linoleum – use a ruler and pencil for this. The design you make is up to you. Strips seem to work quite well.

Cut your fabric to fit the designs that you have created. I find a rotary knob and a ruler are very helpful, but you can also use only a pencil.
Mod conglomeration of your first fabric on the linoleum and let it dry. Use a foam brush (preferably a tip of Georgia). Your DIY floor cloth is on its way!
Decoupage to the next fabric. Let it air dry. You can also get a little creative and paint on this fabric – or a different technique – just to make things a bit more fun!, Mod conglomeration of the last fabric – wrapping of these over the edges on the back. Let it air dry. Seal completely by the addition of polyurethane – do this four times, allowing to dry between each coating.
The use of this polyurethane method with the enable of the ground cloth is impervious to wet, muddy shoes for years (another tip from Georgia).
And there you have it – a DIY floor cloth-custom just for me! I absolutely love it.
Thank you, Georgia!
Now I’am curious – what colors would you put your Mat?

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