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How to make a Magnetic Memo Board

Use simple items from the hardware store, to a magnetic memo board. You can use it for inspiration and as a message center!
Hi, it’s David from Cheltenham Road.
How I’m already in my last project, a little bit of a “you Use What you’ve Got” to kick. I’m trying to find all these random bits of things left over from years and years of this project.
But, of course, the trick is not only this, but something that useful – and with my busy Etsy shop one of my summer goals is to Get Organized!
Pinterest was a life-saver for the virtual page, to organize and remind you of project ideas (you can follow me on Pinterest if you’re so inclined), but sometimes I have an actual, tangible, WHAT to remember, that need somewhere to hang, or inspire me.
And so my magnetic memo board was born.
It was very easy to make and came together quickly (the two things I look for in a project!)
Make a Magnetic Memo Board
I began with these items:

A piece of MDF (medium density fiberboard), cut to 14.5 x 18.5
Four strips of the grating form part (sometimes called “that”) for the frame
Decorative paper
A piece of metal flashing (from the roofing Department at Home Depot)
E-6000 glue
Matt Mod hotchpotch
White color
Hand-saw or chop saw
Tin snips or sheers
screws and drill (optional)

As I mentioned, I was what was on hand for me, but for this project the “the ingredients” almost everything – pallets made of wood, plywood, an old picture frame etc etc.
With a hand saw I would cut the grille molding at the bottom, two strips measuring 18.5 and two strips measuring 11.5 the frame.
down in 1.5″ width strip cut, and Mod Podged it to pour on the grate.
The idea is to “sandwich” the metal is between MDF and the frame while the Mod Podged frame dried, I cut the flashing down on a 12.16 rectangle.
After marking where it would go on the MDF backer board, I stuck it in place with a good amount of E-6000 glue (to ensure that a good bond I is then weighted it down with heavy books while it dries).
as soon As the Mod Podged framing-strips dry I did a quick layer of white paint on the edges and glued them in place to create the frame of the juuust overlaps the metal of the “sandwich” effect.
I turned back to my good, thick books (where I would be without the heavy books?) To weigh the whole thing and make a seal.
drying After the releasing of the glue over night, a quick layer of Mod hodgepodge sealed the frame for the durability.
A hanger on the back and BAM! Real-World Pinterest.
What’s great for me is that it’solenoid s, but it also works as a dry-erase board.

notes and thoughts on my Magnetic Memo Board:

follow the instructions on the E-6000 glue tight to have a really strong bond.
found that the glue makes a good solid connection, but for a little extra insurance, you could lock the use of screws (screws from the back side) to the frame in place.
The metal flashing comes in larger sheets, so that you’ll have left a good amount to other boards, if you wish.
For a magnetic chalk Board, you can spray the metal (before attaching it) with table
So organized, now I’m completely and totally. OK, maybe not quite, but I’m a lot closer! I’ll keep you up to date. And, as always, if you have any questions, I’section ll you monitor the comments and get back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you!

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