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How to make a keychain with a small Budget

You make a keychain with old wood scraps, your favorite image and Mod-hodgepodge. It’s a great way to personalize a gift – you can see pictures too!

One of my favorite things, Mod collection, is gift article. Man Podger Walter has chips with a great way, old wood and make an unusual gift for a friend.
An idea in mind when Walter showed me this project is a key chain with my blog logo was came. Wouldn’t that be fun? Here’s, as Walter has done it!

Here’s like a key chain with pictures that you desire. I have a picture of a fish because I love fishing just love. Why no images with typography to? I'm trying to think of monograms? Name? Pictures of favorite places? You have so many options!

Collecting How to get a key pendant
it Supplies

assortment of smaller wood pieces such as kid’s building blocks or small scraps of wood. I never throw scrap piece!
screw eyes
key pendant results
papers that they may make
Mod-hodgepodge (I have Hard-Coat)

step 2: Prime the piece of wood with FolkArt, dry. To put the pictures in the order they decoupage. I used Hard-Coat, to decoupage and seal the final result. Remember, this is a key chain that is used very often, therefore, a strong sealer is ideal for durability. Let dry.
step 3: Use an awl to mark the center of the upper part of the key ring for the screw eye.
step 4: Attach the screw eye hooks.
step 5: Attach the key chain link to the screw eye with a pair of pliers.
then Add your keys to this key chain and project completed! I am very happy with this simple, yet durable article. Are you ready for a key chain?

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