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How to make a handprint Ornament, the Easy way!

you will Learn the easiest way to create a handprint ornament! Christmas hand prints are a favorite with small children! You make special memories with these three cute and easy Christmas craft ideas. So fun for the kids, and they make great gifts. Santa Claus, Christmas tree and reindeer ornament options.skills Required: beginner. You’ll Roll out the clay, by a child’s hand print, and then the painting. You can choose to paint, or your child can protect they paint, this Christmas hand. It’s really up to you!

I’ve got a great tradition, you necessarily need to start at Christmas – while your children or grandchildren are young. Make a handprint ornament!handprint OrnamentThis is a tradition that my mom and I started with my niece this year, and we wish we would’ve started when she was very young (she’s 5 now).Christmas handprintsWe have to start dreaming of a handprint Christmas tree with tons of handprint ornaments all over it, which is small and becoming larger and larger. I wonder if my niece would let the ornaments with your hands until she is 18?That could be nice, but I don’t know that you’d be up for it! It’s a funny idea though, don’t you think?In this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to be a Santa Claus handprint, reindeer handprint, and a Christmas tree handprint – the easiest way possible. These are such a lovely reminder for the holiday season.handprint Christmas ornamentsI’m going to show you the easiest way to create a handprint ornament below. You have to mix don’t to nothing, which is fine by me! I’m showing you how to have a Santa hand print, a Christmas tree and a reindeer ornament the easy way. These are SO cute! Here’s how it’s done.
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Collect These SuppliesCrayola air dry clayRolling pinAcrylic color – washable/child safety-such as Apple BarrelMod hodgepodge of gloss, Matt or Satin (sealed) – I Mod hodgepodge of Glitter on the Christmas tree, paint brush, knife or craft knife scissors mini pom pomsSparkly foamWiggly eyesBaker’twineHot s glue gunSharpieyou’ll also want a cookie sheet, and wax paper – trust me on this. First, you’ll do, grab a "chunk" of clay and place it on the wax paper. The amount you’ll just have to depend on the size of the hand or foot, you’re-imprinting. You’re going to roll out the clay to about 1/2" thick. If you find the sound you’ve rolled out’t big enough, add more!I actually took the sound, adding more, and rolled it again, as opposed to smushing another piece on the end and the creation of a line. you Put your hand into the clay and press. You’ll probably want to help to toddler age with small children or with the press of each individual finger, and then the base of the palm down Drag the hand from the clay and then cut around the edge. Now you can knife your littles not sharp and let them do this part, depending on your age. Otherwise, mom or dad or another adult should cut.We have a hand-print reindeer, Santa handprint, and a Christmas tree handprint. To spread the only real change we made, my niece’s fingers can be a little different for the reindeer (you can see on the photo of the finished ornament).THEN let your clay dry. this is The long part that will take at least overnight and can take longer if you live in a damp area. Instructions on my container said NOT to BAKE!! That’s where the wax paper and cookie sheet came in handy.I have a simple Christmas hand-transferred prints on the parchment paper and slide it on the baking sheet, where I was able to transport easily from place to place in my craft room, if needed. Once your hand prints are completely dry, start painting! Note that the tone is NOT white – so if you want the edges white, like I do (the painting pop), then you’ll have to have to come up with white acrylic paint. paint your hand print ornaments with acrylic paints as shown in the photos. Of course, you can use all the colors you like, and you can paint you or your children, you can do. I’ll leave that up to you! Don’t forget to add accents such as Santa’s nose. I also used a Sharpie on the Santa handprint as you can see, in order to track the edges, and accent the beard and hat. Then I got the Sharpie, draw a face on the reindeer ornament. you Seal your handprint ornament with Mod-hodgepodge. I used regular gloss on the reindeer and the Santa Claus, but I Glitter Mod smorgasbord on Christmas tree! After the Mod hodgepodge is dried, add embellishments with your hot glue gun. Add camera shake eyes, pom-pom nose, pom pom ornaments, and even cut out a star from moss rubber for the tree!Then cut a length of baker’s yarn and hot glue on the back. One thing I did was stick baker’s twine in the hot glue dab I on the back of the ornament, then put more hot glue on the top really. The handprint ornaments are a bit heavy and I want to didn’t that you will fall out of the tree.Here is my finished Christmas prints hand:handprint Christmas Tree reindeer handprint Santa handprint What do you think prints of these Christmas hand? The handprint ornament is your favorite? To know I’d love in the comments!

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