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How to make a Dresser makeover with a children's art

You use your kids’ artwork for the re-do of a piece of furniture in this fun dresser makeover. You’ll love decoupaging so much as your children will love the drawing!

I love the inclusion of my children’s artwork in home decor pieces that are longer than a piece of paper. I’ve to convert kid’s art to embroidered tea towels, t-shirts and even canvasses painted.
This project is no different. I have a small old drawers, I knew exactly what to do to make it adorable!
Because this piece is used, to save my daughter’s doll clothes, I decided to put some of your drawings to give it a makeover. I love how this dresser makeover turned out!

Mini-chest of drawers makeover
For this project, you will:

furniture Mod hotchpotch
foam brush
child’s Artwork (drawings with Sharpie need work best)

First, I took apart my small drawers and gave him a good cleaning. Then I got some satin white spray paint to a nice, clean base for this project.
Next, I have my daughter in the work with a Sharpie. You have created some patterns and designs on plain white paper.
brush on a thin layer of the furniture, the Mod-hodgepodge, in order to follow the area you want the drawings.
With paper, cut to size, place it over the Mod-hodgepodge and smooth out any bubbles. Cover the drawing paper with another layer of Mod-smorgasbord.
Let it dry and add another layer, if desired. I felt like mine at least 2 layers required for the it super-durable.
I gave the knob a few coats of aqua paint, and put it all together once everything was dry!
Now this is a piece that was once old and bla is fresh and new and perfect for my daughter’s room! How sweet this would be the same method for a bedside table in a nursery or in a shelf in a child’s room? I’d love for you to try, a chest of drawers makeover and share it in the comments!
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