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How to make a DIY bricks game

This trip-DIY-stone-game is so easy to make with Duck Tape! You probably already have the supplies in your home. Kids will love it!skills Required: beginner. Adults can easily make this craft to do when you’re only shooting and editing. As far as children, I think this is appropriate for older children, 10+, tweens, and up. You’ll love to customize the colors!

Many of you know, I have recently moved back to the west coast – where I’m out and back to my family. It’s there was a long, difficult journey, but we’re finally! What you may not know is that now that I’m started back in the city – the games. And I mean that literally.My family are very serious players. We love everything from Board games to UNO Domino. We’re to turn my niece on to the games! You’s way into the stones, so we have made this DIY bricks game with supplies to my mom’s house!And this is what I love about this DIY-stone-game. You only need a few simple supplies using Duck Tape, and you’re probably in your Cabinet now. Learn how to make these simple and fun project below – even a child can do it!tip: if you’re looking for some additional lightweight kids’ crafts for the summer, check out our slime recipe or our toothpick cactus!
you can Make your Own Checkers gameCollect These Supplies2 rolls of Duck Tape (a light color and a dark color is best)Quart size Ziploc bag (not the knob type), 24 keys (keys that fit nicely on your checker board)ScissorsWax paper you can Use a color of Duck Tape to see completely cover the Ziploc-baggie (yellow top, but we ended up with turquoise). Be careful not to tape over the opening of the bag, so it can be used to store the pieces.Press any bubbles, and cut your tape with straight lines. The Duck Tape can overlap if need be. Put several strips of the other color of duct tape (in our case, we used neon yellow) on a sheet of wax paper. Cut 32 squares, all the same size, to your chess Board game. Peel from wax paper like a sticker and attach it evenly to the top of the baggie in alternating rows of four. Cover twelve Button with a color of the ribbon, and the twelve with the other color of duct tape. To cover the buttons, place a small square of duct tape over the top edge of the button. Press Duck Tape down and smooth, then with a pair of scissors to trim the edges of the button; press down the stick to give it a smooth top. Save your buttons on the inside of the baggie for storage. Keep your DIY bricks in a backpack or in the car for playback on the go. It is the perfect size to be your travel companion. So you and your family members can play whenever you want! disclosure: I am working with duck brand Ambassador for the year. While I was compensated'm for my time, all opinions are 100% my own and honest – I love Duck Tape!

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