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How to Glue paper Without wrinkles

Are you wondering how to glue paper without wrinkles? Here are some tips that is guaranteed to help your decoupage projects.

Are you wondering how to glue paper without wrinkles? One of the biggest problems that I have wrinkles come across in my decoupage projects. . . You know what I’m talking about. The paper is bubbly. And unattractive. It goes something like this –
PROBLEM: you got those horrid little bubbles and wrinkles in your paper. And you didn’t go away when the project is dried.
SOLUTION: There are three parts – three possibilities of things you can do to avoid this problem. Here we go.
part of A – Spray your paper with this. You can use any acrylic sealer, but this one is my favorite. You spray both sides of the paper several times and let it dry. What happens is the seal hunters as a makeshift barrier, so that the surface of the paper is glued, but the glue doesn’t enjoy all the way through the fibers and make a soggy mess (causing the dreaded wrinkles).
part B – you can mist the paper with water. This is particularly important in the case of thinner papers. I’ve never had success with really thin papers, unless I’ve moistened with water (NOT soaked), and then also a role. Don’t roll, over the top, too much, though, or you will start to wear the paper away – because it’wet s.
part of the C – Let the paper to dry the surface BEFORE Mod Podging over it. Let me explain. You HAVE enough Mod-smorgasbord, the project area or the paper back. I get this question a lot, actually.
It doesn’t matter what you do, so make sure that you apply a medium layer – to thin. Apply the paper to the project area and FLATTEN it THOROUGHLY with the fingers or a brayer. This will allow seal to dry for 15 – 20 and THEN go back and Mod hodgepodge about you.
NOTE: Tissue paper will wrinkle. It’s only. It’s a part of the fancy-effect.
Now you know how to glue paper without wrinkles!

For more information and to see great videos with some tips to find youtube.com/modpodgerocks. I also have a section of a complete learn how to decoupage with frequently asked questions (see also the).
Now Podging get!

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