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How to get to the basket Tags for the organization

You’ll love this unique organization project! These knock-vintage-enamel-basket-tags with Dimensional Magic and stickers.off br>

Once the holidays are over and the decorations are Packed away, I find that I want to organize and purge our home. But, like so many clever people, as I look to my memory to be pretty!
My husband and I have just had a baby this summer, and we needed to save a place in our kitchen, the many of the new baby paraphernalia. We had a car in our kitchen has been fully exploited, so we filled the shelves on the underside of the car with baskets for storage. I wanted to container label of each, so that it would be easier to remember what goes where.
With simple wood circles and Mod hodgepodge of Dimensional Magic, I have a couple of tags for the baskets that mimicked vintage enamel tags. I Love Dimensional Magic.
If you haven’t it, it is a thick, glue-like medium that you can apply to surfaces to add a resin-like appearance. It goes on cloudy but dries to a clear glass. It's a fun way to dress up a simple day for a box or a basket.

DIY basket Tags:
Supplies used:

Small wooden circles
is raised metallic stickers
White to Tinker and paint
paint brush
Mod hodgepodge Dimensional Magic
hot gun

instructions adhesive:
Paint each wood circle with craft and painting. Allow the paint to dry, and brush on another layer, if necessary.

Apply a sticker on the front of each circle.

Very deliberately, press the Dimensional Magic (DM) on the upper surface of the Tags and stickers. I find it is easiest to start at one edge and the tube slowly to the funds in excess of the area of the other edges.
If you work slowly, you should not create all of the air bubbles in the glue. If you do, you notice all the bubbles, then can be popped or removed with a straight pin.

Allow the DM to dry overnight. It should dry clear crystal.
Use a hot glue gun to attach your "enamel" basket-day, to the container of your choice.

These baskets are labeled so virtually now. I love it when they are marked, because I can only direct someone to '’basket 2" to grab a bib for the baby, me. Cute storage always makes me happy!

if you Would such basket tags? Let me know in the commentsknow!br>

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