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How to get a Dessert, a coffee

To make it’s easy to make a DIY dessert stand with a coffee can – just add washi tape and sealed with Mod-hodgepodge. Budget-friendly and easy to clean!
My hubby and I drink a LOT of coffee. We buy them in large quantities and you will get the huge 2-pound cans. These containers are of a good size.
I was looking at one the other day and realized it would be a great, stable and inexpensive base for a DIY cake plate . . . they simply put a clear plastic or glass plate on top of it!
With summer almost here, I decided to make a cake stand that was a little Patriotic. It will be perfect for the Fourth of July.
Plus, I had some fun red, white and blue washi tape that I could around look cute. If you don't have washi tape, you can use the outside of your coffee with decoupage and red and blue tissue paper can paper decorate, also.
And if you don't drink vats of coffee like we do, you can duplicate this project with empty gallon size paint cans from the hardware store also.

DIY Dessert Stand
Supplies used:

2 lb. empty coffee-container,
Know Tinker and paint
Washi tape in red and blue pattern
utility knife
Mod hodgepodge gloss or Mod hodgepodge Satin-formula
plate, wide enough to top

Remove the coffee lid and case. Paint the box with white craft paint. Allow to dry the coat and, again, another layer, if necessary.
Once the paint is dry, apply vertical strips of washi tape around the can colors, alternating with red and blue. Use your cutter knife to carefully score the tape against the metal rim of the can.
seal the washi tape and color to your DIY dessert stand by swiping on a layer of Mod hodgepodge over the entire outside of the box. Allow the decoupage to dry. For additional protection, you can seal the decoupage with an acrylic spray. Now all you need to do is place a large plate on the top of the box, your faux DIY cake plate!
And when you are finished with your party, you can stand re-use your dessert for something different! You can use it to store stuff or set it for your Patriotic decor.
I think a potted plant would love to look value in it. I also love that you can decorate this coffee can in any color or theme for a party. Quick, easy and (almost) free party decorations! Love!

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