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How to Decoupage napkin on canvas

Are you wondering how to decoupage napkin on canvas? Know how it with this emoji-canvas project. Such a fun idea and very simple!
did you Know you can decoupage napkin on canvas and make wall art? I know . . . now I’them to speak s only “speak, crazy.” napkins are flimsy and parties – you could not materials as art.
However, you! I haven’t done much decoupage with napkins so I decided to try I’d, it. As I canvases a little round AND some nice round emoji-napkins – I knew it was a marriage that was was meant.
This Mod would make the hodgepodge of canvases, a perfect decoration for a child or teen’s room. Here’s how I did it!
Decoupage napkin on canvas
Collect These Supplies

round screens – 4
Mod hodgepodge gloss
round napkins of your choice
acrylic paint – the coordination of the
Plastic wrap (optional; see to learn the steps with the napkins, why)

you’re going to have to be canvases for this project. I decided to go with round canvases that I found at target. I'm always working with a rectangular canvas, so this was a welcome change!
Then I found these napkins at Hobby Lobby. Wrong’t they fun? And Cute?
The first thing you’re going to do, pull out the back of a napkin. Did you know that you were to do this? Yes – every time you decoupage napkins, you should pull off the back. Slowly and carefully (and at the very end you can trim with scissors if you need to).
place of decoupage medium to the bottom on the canvas and spread it. Spread a medium layer.
Set the napkin down and smooth – but before you do that – read these tips. This is what I learned while Mod Podging napkin:

Don’to try the t, peel the napkin as soon as you’s down, unless you want to start. You’ll rip it.
The easiest way to spread out the napkin and smoothing it out, place a piece of plastic wrap on top as a barrier between your fingers and the napkin. This is one of the most valuable tips I’ve ever been given! It’s not hold, I promise.
SLOWLY, the napkin manipulate with the fingers. You can rip’t be rough with napkins or you’ll. How many of the wrinkles as you can.
If you would like to flip the canvas over and smooth from the back, make sure that the plastic wrap is still on the top of the napkin, between the napkin and the surface.
Tighten the plastic wrap, if you turn it on and let it dry. You embrace the wrinkles, if there are any. You’ll better as you practice!

Some of the wrinkles went bye-bye as I have the napkins are smoothed. There are still a few, but they are hardly noticeable in my opinion. Let dry.
color around the edge of the canvas with the acrylic paint color of your choice. The reason why I didn’t paint the entire canvas, since the napkins are VERY thin . . . so, if you look through decoupage napkin on canvas, painted under, you will see the colors.
Repeat with the other screens, dry, and then hang!! This is the cutest little Quartet of decoupage canvases, I’ve ever made . . . and I can’t think the cocktail napkins!
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