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How to Decoupage a wooden chair for book lovers

Learn how to decoupage a simple wooden chair! This decoupage chair has been use for a book-lover – any graphics you like with this method.

Hey! It’s David from Cheltenham Road.
Those of you who have followed my blog for a while, that when I began, my focus is on fixing furniture. My business focus has changed since then, but I really miss working on furniture.
My friend Jennifer’s little girl, violet is a great read and she loves to read (well, technically, the loves you to, but I’m sure that soon you’ll take the reins themselves) over it.
So, when I read Amy’s post about the use of the furniture Mod hotchpotch AND stumbled almost immediately on a small IKEA chair, I knew exactly what I wanted to do!
For my DIY chair that I collected:

IKEA chair
White spray paint
furniture Mod hotchpotch
prints of my favorite children’s books (laser print)
sponge brushes (not in picture)
cutter knife (not shown)

I gave the chair a light sanding and cleaning and a few coats of spray paint, and set it aside to dry.
While the chair dried, I did the work on the collage.
For my graphics, a Google search provided me with numerous options for images to use with a high resolution.
(I’m afraid of copyright with prevents me from the allocation of the graphics that you do like a download, but you can use the same process, a scan of your own favorite book cover or use any type of pre-printed paper)
The collage, the achieved I opened MS Word and changed the margins to create a custom size sheet of paper, the size of the chair seat.
The seat was a bit bigger than what I could print on a single page, so I separated the collage in two sections and printed them on the good old paper of legal size.
I also downloaded and in the size of some of the other book title for the back and sides of the chair and then just cut everything into strips, the sequence of the size of the various fins

I tuned fortified with furniture formula Mod smorgasbord and set it aside to dry.

When everything was dried I went back in my x-ACTO knife to cut the excess paper and then made some very light sanding only on the edges, just to make sure there were no small pieces of paper, which is moved may be used.
with two layers of furniture Mod smorgasbord (loops and between the layers).
And the chair is ready to go!
I was amazed at how quickly this DIY chair project came together. Honestly, most of the time went into the determination of the graphics and waiting to dry on things (luckily, I had snacks!).
As an added bonus, my something old and very good worn beloved teddy bear is finally his shot at internet fame!

I really hope that Jennifer (and especially violet) is how this decoupage chair!
Although I hope I don’t do it again, many of the furniture more, I that you consider me on my Cheltenham Road Blog (or on Pinterest), where I’m always working on a new idea!

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