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How To Decorate Your Own Photo Frame

Learn how to decorate your own picture frame with a piece of scrapbook paper and Mod-hodgepodge! This is so easy, anyone can do it.

I’m crazy Dimensional Magic lately, and I’m with you on everything. So you’re gonna have to bear with me; I hope I won’t burn them out. But I just had to show you how it can be used on other things than jewelry.This damask decoupage frame is super easy (Hello beginners!), and the kicker is that the Dimensional Magic on the hardwood accent piece in the middle. You may have to enlarge the photo to see the Details, but the increased DM-like finish looks really nice in real life.Who is the charming little DIY picture frame is? You’ll just have to guess. In the meantime, here's the decoupage frame-instructions are to be used for the project.Decorate your Own picture frameCollect These SuppliesPlain wood frame wood accentMod hodgepodge SatinMod hodgepodge Dimensional magic folkart acrylic paint – Aqua, parchment scrapbook paper – 1 sheet, I used American Crafts Hello Sunshine splendor pencil craft knife and matCraft gluePaintbrush
I love these Michael's frames. They are only $1! You could cheap a wall of them so. Flip the paper, design-side down, and draw the frame on the paper. you Cut the paper – I always with a cutter on the inner side of the piece. Paint your wood accent with the color of your choice. I used Aqua. I hope you are super impressed with my photo “skillz” as I focus on my fingers rather than the piece of wood. Let dry. Paint your frames, borders, and back with parchment and allow to dry. I have a secret that I love the Satin Mod smorgasbord. It’s my favorite-ready-made – it’s in the same version as the Hard layer, except for the Hard coat is super-duper-hard, for heavily used items. Regular Satin Mod hodgepodge works, since this frame is to be displayed, to beat up instead. Give your frame a couple of layers of  decoupage and let it dry. Apply Dimensional magic to the wood accent. One thing I LOVE about the DM is that it has a large surface tension – which means it stays where you put it (as long as you don’t squeeze too much out).My #1 tip for DM is that you like to dry in a warm place. I always have it on the stove and away from the Windows. If it is cold, it will crack.
you can Stick your piece of wood on the front of the frame, put in a picture and you're ready to roll. Hi, a reasonably priced gift idea.Now you know how you decorate your own photo frame, which is the pattern of the scrapbook paper you choose? Let me know in the commentsknow!br>

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