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How to Decorate a wooden YoYo

A wooden yoyo makes a great toy for a child – decorate them with your favorite scrapbook, to paint, paper, Mod smorgasbord and Extreme glitter. These are so fun!

I think if I were to describe goods which would be through a toy, a wood-Jojo is a good description. I can fruitcake a bit, but in a very good way, I promise.
; you'll have to forgive me! We have our heads in the clouds. So the yo-yo. When I discovered this wooden yo-yo at Michael's, I squeaked. I can tell you that a big part of my childhood spent practising with my Duncan?
the funny thing is that I have more than one. These competition quality yo-yo, my friends were. My brothers and I had, and learned all kinds of tricks. I could go walk the dog, do the sleeper, and much more.
I have also observed that the Yo-Yo Man (on Smothers brothers). And white, to realize that I’m I’m a huge dork, so I should probably move to the wooden yoyo tutorial before I continue to mislead me.
I blame my mother, because you’s who bought us the yo-yo. If you want to do the same to your children, then follow these instructions.
Decorate a wooden yo-yo
Collect These Supplies

wooden yo-yo – Creatology at Michaels. Yes, these actually work!
FolkArt acrylic paint – ballet Pink, and blue ink
FolkArt Extreme Glitter – hologram and Royal Blue
Mod hodgepodge gloss
Scrapbook paper

As I’ve written this entry, I’ve become fascinated by yo-yo’ing, and to take back I would.
I think I’m going in “Status yo.” from Peeling the label.
Trace the yo-yos onto your scrapbook paper. I used two different scrapbook papers, as you have seen. Obviously, you’'ve got;you'll need two circles – so you do it twice.
Cut out the circles carefully. Set aside the paper.
Paint your yo-yos. If your papers are thick enough, easy to the edges of the paint. I didn’t worry about the painting to the bottom, where the cord was. Let dry.
Put a medium layer of Mod-smorgasbord on the yo-yo and spreads – put the paper down and smooth thoroughly.
Wipe Mod hodgepodge that comes out of the edges, if they are spread out. Let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes and repeat with the other side.
coat the entire yo-yo with Mod-hodgepodge. Let it dry and then another coat. Be careful not to the Mod collection on the string! If you do, your yo-yo won’t really “yo.”
I wanted to add a little “tuning” to the outer edge of the two yos, so I added FolkArt Extreme Glitter. I added Royal Blue (I have a “pre-release jar”) to the blue ink and hologram to the ballet Pink. I allowed to dry and gave it two layers.
I even went “wild and crazy” with the pink wooden yo-yo – I flowers one side and polka dots on the other wanted to. Now is time to show to all my friends and family my fantastic yo-yo tricks!

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