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How to Decorate a cooler with Mod-hodgepodge

Wonder how to decorate a cooler for a party or tailgate? Here’s the easy way to do it with Mod smorgasbord – video

I get this question all the time – I can decorate a cooler with Mod smorgasbord? With football season just around the corner, and then in the summer afterwards, I’s a great question!If I’m writing this post, you can imagine what the answer is. And if you’re waiting with bated breath, the answer is YES! You can use the decoupage cooler! Not to do it’s difficult.
Cathie and Steve actually show you how to Mod the hodgepodge of a cooler in the video below. You can use a couple of different formulas – so as the Mod smorgasbord of fabric and Mod hodgepodge of dishwasher-safe – but if you’re done, you’ll have a cooler, for the last several seasons.
you can See the video to see it done, but you can also visit the link below to get more information. HappyHow to Decorate a cool

Decorating a cooler with Mod-smorgasbord-in-hand work to Happy Hour

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