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Holiday Clings with the Crayola cling Creator

You know how she clings to her own holidays with the Crayola cling Creator. Kids will love this fun device, and it’s SO simple!

I’m much more in children’s toy now that I have a niece. My niece is three years old and you’s really smart . . . which is great because’s kind of a prerequisite to be in our family. Her father is creative.
He’s an engineer now, but “back in the day”, we are used to all kinds of things, the together – rug hooking to be a favorite! Now that we’re older, we love both still, get involved with children's arts and crafts.
My brother, in particular, a simple children's craft and loves is that he can do, with Mary, that is, they can participate together and BOTH have a great time. The Crayola cling Creator is that very product!
We recently got a chance to try the Crayola cling Creator, and let me tell you – it is awesome! To give you an overview of what it means to the brackets Creator allows you to create children, repositionable shapes and symbols, the stick (and pull off) from Windows, mirrors and other flat/smooth surfaces. These clings can be made in minutes.
Let me show you how the brackets Creator works and how we met clings in a set of cute holiday!
Crayola cling Creator
After you open the box, build a small setup consists of a tray, shapes, tubes, sound, and other elements, you need to create your clings.
you have two options for brackets added – you can . the 20 forms with the set . . or you can use the Crayola clay to create your own custom shapes! We have both of them.
For our first holiday staples, we decided to use a pre-made Form (the star), and red as our color. It’s a very simple process. You simply add gel in one of the tubes up to the line, then add your color. If you want to (and we have our clings-related topics), you can add other elements such as glitter, sequins, and more. We threw in some gold glitter to see what would happen.
The next step is to put the tube in the handy dandy mixer. Crayola developed a fun way for kids to easily be able to mix the parentheses, the solution is, and that’s by tapping on the green button as the tube is shaking in the inside of the orange housing!
Pull-out of the solution and pour into the mold. In 20 minutes, you&#are 8217;ll have a great clips, the easily of the shells from the mold. And you LOOK, how sparkly, our star!
Now, what if you want to don’t, use one of the ready-made forms? Crayola has you covered.
Simply roll out of the Crayola modeling clay and use what items, you create a Form. We used a wooden mold and a lid, an ornament. It’s also a drawing tool if you want to, be creative in your sound – you also can flakes of candy canes to menorahs to snow and beyond!
For this ornament to hang, we decided to mix it up and experiment with some color. The Crayola cling Creator comes with primary colors so that it’s fun for kids to explore color mixing and let your imagination run free!
What can you add to your clings? Now – we added rhinestones! So much fun!
I’m parentheses so thrilled with the Crayola Creator and our ready-to-cling. We put them on the window and after a few days, she tries to peel off – they came out easily with no residue!
I still think my favorite is the glitter. It really sparkles in the light!
If you brackets looking for a funny gift for your littles, the Crayola Creator is AWESOME! You’ll have hours of fun, that I promise you.
But don’t just take my word for it – this toy is a 2015 AWARD WINNER: Good Housekeeping Best Toy Award, Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Products; You, Best Creative Fun Award; Mom's Choice Gold Award, National Parenting Publications, NAPPA silver Award.
to know what clings holiday would you? with your children Use the Crayola Creator brackets, you will create a holiday design. Be sure to tag your creations with #ClingCreator for a chance to see his Crayola.com. Wouldn’t that amazing if your child was on the featured Crayola website?
you can buy the brackets Creator Amazon.com toys ‘R Us, WalMart and Target. Happy crafting!
disclosure: I was compensated by Crayola, my honest review for you. All opinions are 100% mine.

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