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Happy Easter sign, you Can in minutes

Learn to font how to decoupage a simple Happy Easter sign with a fun. Only use Mod collection and your favorite to make paper patterns of your own!

With Easter not far away, I thought “why don't you a cutie Easter characters for my first project!” My Happy Easter sign led.
I LOVE the plain pine look. I also love the contrast of the “if left untreated,” wood in combination with bright colors and patterns.
That was the main inspiration behind this piece. This is a fail-proof decoupage Easter project for any level and age of the crafter.
If you’re not looking for a fan of the raw wood, then before you start, give the block a fresh coat of paint. Select a color that is complemented by the colors in the paper you are using.

Happy Easter sign
you need:

- gloss-Mod-hodgepodge
Mod hodgepodge sponge applicator
Block of wood
Super cute patterned paper

step 1
Cut your wooden block to the size, you want, that your mark and sand the corners and edges.
step 2
Cut out your letters. I wanted my letters to have a child, to feel like to you, so that I went to didn’t draw, or follow the font, I just cut them as I was.
step 3
Put the letters on the wood, as you go, to check whether they are happy with their size.
step 4
A play with your letters and arrange them where you want to go.
step 5
Mod hodgepodge time!
Apply some Mod-smorgasbord, the-wood, put your letter on top and cover generously with Mod-hodgepodge. Repeat this with each of your letters.
On a side note . . . these sponge applicators are AWESOME! This was the first time that I’d used. You are SO nice to work with! I think I need to refuel! 🙂
step 6
you Use to give a larger brush, sponge, your happy Easter sign with a generous final layer of Mod-smorgasbord.
My Happy Easter sign is ready! Said, it was easy. 🙂
What do you do for Easter?

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