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Hand Map-Canvas Art (Labeled With No Prior Knowledge Necessary!)

This unique, hand-labeled map-canvas art is a simple and budget friendly way to enhance the décor of a wall – plus, you can customize with any words you like!

I’m currently working on my soon-to-be-baby-boy’s nursery. Since we wanted to go with a loose theme of a vintage camping setup, I integrate some of the cards.
Map-Canvas ArtThis hand-lettered map-canvas art fits the bill! I came up with a simple way to hand-letter on a canvas, covered with cards, and even if the label don’t keep well, and should work this method for you!
DIY-canvas-View-wall-artHere’s what you need:canvas maps, or scrapbook paper, paint brush ultra-Matte chalk Mod PodgeChalk, colored pencil or graphite harpie The first step is to cover your canvas with cards or scrapbook paper. I used the Ultra-Matte chalk Mod smorgasbord and loved it to endgave Make sure to wrap the paper around the edges of the canvas for a finished look. Now it’s time to plan your lettering. You can download a free printable that you can find online, freehand, or something like that. I tried to write a couple of different ways, my sentence, and practiced with it until I liked how it looked. But this would just work just as well with a print-out. Now it’s time for the most interesting part. Flip over your paper. As you can see, I pulled an old sheet from my daughters. I save all of your papers and use them for scrap paper – just a free little tip!The press very hard with a dark crayon, color all the areas, the writing on the other side. I had a black pen for this step, but it works fine. You can also use graphite or even chalk if you get your canvas covered with a dark paper or paint.you can Stick your paper onto the canvas and trace over the letters, pressing very hard with a ballpoint pen or pencil. You might want to go over each letter a few times. If you lift the paper, the pen, is transmitted to the map canvas. To keep track of it’s very easy, but just enough to see him with a Sharpie! Trace over everything with your Sharpie or paint pen. Wipe off excess chalk with a damp cloth. Now your hand is ready to be labeled mostly for hanging! Everyone will say so impressed with your hand lettering skills you need don’t, you that you cheated! of Course, you can adapt this project with a variety of different papers, book pages, or only a painted canvas, the space you have to decorate!for More easy DIY art ideas, check out these other posts:DIY T-Shirt weaving string art CanvasKid Created a canvas for the art of lettersAnd be sure to pop to my blog to share the house-made ginger, where I love, ways to make life more beautiful, without spending a lot of money. If you are looking for more art on the walls, check out these 20 ways to Mod the hodgepodge of a canvas below:

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