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Halloween Wall Decor: Typography Plaque - Mod-Hodgepodge Rock

I love unique Halloween wall decor, especially when it comes to glitter. I have this Halloween table with several items from my stash!

It’s, and I can tell you’t you how excited I am!!! And if you already have this blog for a while, you already know, it’s in my favorite holidays – and you know that I’m always looking for fun DIY Halloween decor ideas.
not What you know, perhaps, is that one of the biggest reasons that I love Halloween, because I have black glitter. I love black glitter. Who am I kidding – I love everything about Halloween.
today where all of us are with Krylon Glitter Blast, and the result is this Halloween plaque that I love so much. Also I trim the orange pom-pom, my favorite Sizzix Big Shot die Ribbon Award and Mod-hodgepodge. It’s a total win-win.
I'm going to tell you before I start that this tutorial is’t short. But If you really love me then you’to skip it. Joke. Art. Here’s how to make a Halloween plaque as well as me.
Halloween wall decor
Collect These Supplies

Krylon Glitter Blast – Starry Night
FolkArt acrylic paint – glazed carrots, Pure Black, Purple, Wicker White
Mod hodgepodge gloss
wooden plaque and decorative wood frame
wood figures “3” and “1”
wood circle – 2″
fuel – rest of the pieces in coordinating colors
Scrapbook-paper – Halloween patterns, little scraps of
Halloween decorations – Band, orange pom-pom trim, small black crow
Stencil tape
craft glue
- scissors

the First step, the color of the plaque and the wood frame with Pure Black. I memorial used panel from a project I was going to do last year but never completed. Oops. I have only painted the edge of my plaque.
In this time you should also consider the color of the numbers, I didn’t take a picture. You Paint Glazed Carrots. Let everything dry.
My next step for the Band was the plaque, with stencil tape. I wanted to just beat the edge with the glitter, so I use tape around the top edge and then put the parchment paper down in the middle.
I took the panel and frame on the outside and put them on wax paper (love the wax-paper lately, thanks to the inventor). I sprayed the shit out of them, two Blast Glitter.
I was shocked, as the glitter is actually sprayed out of the can. A lot of glitter. A ton of glitter! It looked really amazing on the black color. Let dry.
Next step is the preparation of the fabric with Mod smorgasbord was. I put a piece of baking paper and spread a thin layer of Mod smorgasbord of over the top. This makes it easy to cut. You let it dry before you cut it, though.
I measured the fabric to fit in my decorative wood frame and then cut out an oval.
I put the oval down in the middle and followed him. You’ll<'ll see why in a minute.br> I painted the purple on the edges – not in the interior of the oval, the I was just. Coat thoroughly and allow to dry.
I painted white, in the middle of the oval, I followed. Why? I’ll tell you. My fabric is a black and natural finish – if I have the purple color below it, the purple would show through the natural part of my fabric. Yep! It’s always smart to color in white behind lighter colored fabrics before Mod Podging down on a dark surface.
Mod-smorgasbord, the oval in the center of the plaque, and then the Mod collection, the entire top. Allow it to dry. NOT Mod conglomeration of all the glitter. You it is boring.
Glue the frame down over the fabric to cover up so that you can be sure, the edges.
bust out the Sizzix big shot and an award ribbon from scrapbook paper. If you don’t a fancy machine like this, you can use free clip art online to trace and cut the same shape.
Mod smorgasbord of the ribbon award.
you can Stick the numbers and award ribbon down and let dry. Glue the strips up to this point in time, right to the bottom of the ribbon award.
Paint your wooden circle with Wicker White, cut a circle shape from a scrap of paper, and then the Mod-pick-and-mix to the top.
Paste the circle, AND the bird to the ribbon award. To dry and your project is completed Check it out! I’m satisfied. Just need to hang it, but in the meantime, I’ I;ll let it sit on my small table with Skully.
Here is to Blast a close-up of the Glitter. It’s even more amazing in person. So, what do you mean?

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