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Gold heart Charms for Galentine's Day

You have to show your besties how much you love and appreciate her with these gold-heart-charm for Galentine’s day! They are really easy to make, with Mod-smorgasbord.
What do you think about Valentine’s day? Over the years, even if I’ve had a significant other for a while, I’ve enjoyed celebrating it with friends and colleagues! You might think I’m weird, but let me explain.
I don’t love flowers and chocolates, but I love the craft around Valentine’s day and I love it, you guys a little gift-y type favors. If I worked in an office, I liked the work favour bags with sweets and other hand. I think I prefer the crafty side of Valentine’s day the romance!
If you’re like me, or if you don’t have a significant other that doesn’t mean you can’to celebrate t! Have you heard of Galentine’s day? To celebrate it’s a fun one reason, your girlfriends, and I fully support it.
8217;ve made this gold-heart-charm for Galentine’s day, you can hand to your best gal pals. Give this heart charm with sweets for a unique gift idea that you really cherish!
This gold-heart-charm for Galentine’s of the day are really easy to make, with a Mod collection and a few other simple supplies at Michaels. With a basic bag of wood hearts that you can make 21 charms!
Gold heart Charms for Galentine’s day
Collect These Supplies

ArtMinds wooden heart
Mod hodgepodge gloss
heart charm rates – you can create your own too! If you need me, you’ll have to download the font Eurofurence here.
gold leaf – craft smart brand, premium colorful flakes
for printer and ink
Scrapbook-paper – colors of your choice

Here are the wooden heart, the attack you’ll of wood section of Michael's.
you’ll first want to cut a piece of scrapbook paper to 8 1/2″ x 11″ size to match your printer. Then either 1) create your own phrases with your own font or open my download and use. You HAVE to work to download the font Eurofurence for my download). Print turns the speech.
note: I have a HP Envy use 7640 printer with HP ink. It is not is to be lubricated, a laserjet, but I am able to Mod the hodgepodge of the ink, to be welded without. Depending on the printer you have, test to see the ink if it smears. If so, spray both sides of the paper with a clear acrylic sealer first, or print to the laserjet.
Cut them to fit your heart with the scissors. I found that I had to cut out each word individually to fit, given that the wood-the heart cone at the bottom.
to Apply the Mod hodgepodge of gloss on the one hand, on your heart . . . .
you Place the words down and then Mod hodgepodge directly on the top seal. Usually I let the paper dry for 15 – 20 minutes before decoupaging over the top, but the paper is so small, to fold that, it’s (and it’s thick because it’s scrapbook paper!).
Let dry.
Then on the opposite side of the heart, paint a medium layer of Mod-hodgepodge and stick the wet side directly in the gold-leaf. I LOVE the colorful flakes that Michael's, because the image is a variety of different colors and it looks very cool!
Let your gold heart charms dry, and then the added gold-leaf to peel off. I used my finger to do it. When I saw all the places where the sheet has gold’t keep up, I still have more Mod-hodgepodge, and repeated the process.
that Once your heart charms are dry, you are ready to gift! Who would this heart charm make??
It's February and love is in the air is almost! From class room – perfect projects and gifts for your Galentine’s day or your one-and-only, Michael's makes it possible!

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