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Gold Confetti Easter Eggs

Turn the plastic eggs in confetti Easter eggs with some Mod-hodgepodge and glitter. This fun Easter craft is blingy and makes great decor!

Hello! It’s Rachel of lines Across here today to share in the fun and glitter-confetti-Easter-eggs with you. A few months ago, I used dishwasher safe Mod smorgasbord and jumbo gold glitter to make this confetti mug dipped.I love how it turned out, so much, and since I’ve been dying to do more things with the same appearance. This time of year, DIY Easter eggs are on everyone’s mind!I used plaster to save Easter eggs from the craft, so that I could use it again, but if you wanted to, you could easily follow this General tutorial with any type of eggs.Confetti Easter eggsWhat you need:EggsMod hodgepodge Mat (I used matte because I wanted the glitter to only a part of shimmer)Jumbo gold glitterA brush
What you need to do:1. Insert your egg with the bottom to the top in a kind of container. I used dixie cups, but you could also make a egg carton or something similar.2. Start by applying a fairly thick layer of Mod smorgasbord on the bottom of your egg. The “dipped” see if you want to go more glitter on the bottom of the egg, and then progressively less, than you to the top. 3. Pour jumbo glitter on the bottom of the egg. I've tried to cover the whole of the lower area, but I didn’t want to extend that to be the glitter out, or covered in too many layers. 4. You keep adding Mod-hodgepodge along the edges of the egg, and then small pieces of glitter to add as you go. If you want to make sure that the glitter won’t shed, cover the confetti in a top coat of Mod-smorgasbord, as well. 5. Let your confetti Easter eggs to dry and enjoy. They cover the upper part of the egg with Mod hodgepodge, even if it isn’t any glitter there to keep the texture of the eggs look consistent. to stop, to be Sure, by they lines to say About and hi, or follow along with my on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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