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Glitter clam shell ornaments, the Easy way!

Make holiday decorations in the simplest way! These shell ornaments are easy to . . simply use glitter and Mod smorgasbord of pretty Christmas decor.
For me, the Christmas season sparkle calls. Always. (Are you surprised?)
Christmas is getting closer and I am getting some handmade gifts and ornaments made this month (hopefully!) next month make it a little smoother. I decided I wanted my tree to sparkle need a little more and Shine, so I got me some glitter and employees on this shell-ornaments DIY.
My husband and I love to vacation at the beach when we can . . . and I'm always on the lookout for pretty shells when we are there. (Hello?! Free Craft Supplies!) I have thought a bit of a shell collection and I, it would be nice to integrate that on our tree as a keepsake with a little sparkle.
Want? to see how to make this seashell Christmas ornaments The process is pretty simple.
glitter seashell ornaments,
Collect These Supplies

Drill and small bit
eye protection
White to Tinker and paint
Glitter, different shades
Mod smorgasbord of Satin or Mod hodgepodge gloss
Gold wire, 24 gauge
to make it Big, clear beads
side cutters and pliers

the steps, shell ornaments:
First, very slowly and carefully drill a small hole in each shell. Eye protection is recommended, just in case the bowl of chips or cracks. (Yes, I speak from experience!)
color of the fronts and the back of each shell with white paint. Allow to dry the colour.
brush a liberal coat of decoupage over the front of the shell. Sprinkle with glitter, shake the excess and allow to dry. (Tip: I recommend shaking your glitter on a flat pan or container, to minimize the clutter and store all of the glitter, if you want to.) You can, of course, both sides cover with glitter. I opted for just a hair dress.
Apply two more layers of Mod smorgasbord of over the top of the glitter to seal it down, to shed it.
loop, you drilled a piece of wire through the hole. Leave one end longer than the other. Slip with three large beads over both ends of the wire.
Turn the shorter wire close to the top bead and press the bundles of wire together with pliers. Bend the longer wire into a hook that you can use to hang on the tree. Your seashell ornaments, DIY is complete. Now you have cute and glittery bling for your tree.
make This shell would be Christmas decorations, great handmade gifts or package toppers. For our home, I love it that my shell ornaments are a pretty (and glittery!) To remind the way to save a vacation!

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