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Glitter DIY holiday candle with Christmas napkins

These unique DIY holiday candles are so sweet and easy to with Christmas napkins! Such budget-friendly device, the love you’ll.

Hello, Everyone! I’m Tamara from Etcetorize, where we craft, sew, and Mod-smorgasbord, all year long. I particularly love Christmas, crafts with Mod hodgepodge, because it means in General, that I really go overboard on sparkle and glitter!
Today, we’re going to be a fun and super easy project to light up your Christmas table or fireplace mantel in just a few steps with decoupage medium. You can use this idea for DIY holiday candles on your Christmas home!

DIY holiday candles
Here’s what you need:

pillar candle (I got mine at a thrift shop)
holiday-themed napkins
Mod hodgepodge of Shine and Mod hotchpotch of Sparkle (optional)
a sponge, brush, cutter knife, Glue, pen,
tea light
pair of scissors, and a ruler

1) One of the things I love, Mod hodgepodge that it’s non-toxic. That being said, I still think don’t, it’s always a good idea to mix fire and glue, so we’re going to "carve-out" at the top of your pillar candle-just enough for a tea light.
you can simply Press an upside-down tea light in the top to your basic shape and then carve with a cutter knife.
If you have a battery-operated tea light that’s even better!
2) measure the height of your candle and cut off enough of your napkin to wrap.
3) napkins usually have 2-3 layers of tissue. I usually just like the top 1 or 2 layers. Since this candle is so dark and my fabric is so light, I kept the 2. Layer. If you’re with a dark candle, and don’t want the color to Shine through, consider getting it a coat of white paint first.
4) Now for the fun part! Slather on a nice layer of Mod conglomeration of all of your candle. Gently press your napkin to try to keep the edges even.
If you want to, add some glitter, add a generous layer of Sparkle Mod to seal hodgepodge on top of everything, or just use the gloss formula.
5). Your work is very wet, and very sensitive in this point, so set it aside to dry for several hours. My tip is to slip a thimble or a spool of thread, so that your candle doesn’t stick at the end to your work surface.
6) Once the candle is dry, you might be ready. But if you want to take it to the next level out, glue, pen. You have to draw in parts of the napkin images and sprinkle on glitter to really stand out.
every glitter color separately to avoid cross-contamination of colors. Once that’s is dry, you can use your DIY holiday candle in a special place for Christmas.
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