Emilie Bier Do it Your Self

Glitter Toms shoes, with an Incredible Sparkle

you can Use a decoupage medium and glitter to add some sparkle to an old pair of shoes. These glitter Toms make makeover a big difference!

I’m to be honest with you – as I for the first time, Tom’s shoes it was like the first time I saw Birkenstocks. I thought, “ewww” to me.But I think it was only out of fear of something new, because now I find them so cute and I want a striped pair. How could I have been so stupid?My friend Ashley revised her daughter’s pair with glitter and Mod-hodgepodge, and now you are ready to carry you to the Opera. Or to a ball. You can visit to learn Ashley, as revised in this great Toms shoes.DIY-glitter-Toms-for Lil’ Blue BooPS – visit more Mod smorgasbord shoes for other great ideas. I can believe it’t, the incredible things people do with decoupage medium and the shoes!

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