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Glitter "snow" Frosted Mason Jar lights

Textured, crystal glitter, and decoupage medium, these beautiful mason lights jar! These are so pretty for winter and the holidays.
Hello, readers. My name is Jessica, author of " Living La Vida Holoka. Today I have a simple project share am with Mod hodgepodge, a mason jar and iridescent glitter to snow-inspired luminaries that add a romantic glow to your holiday or Winter decor. Enjoy!

of a winter evening cuddling under a blanket while the snow falls gently against a dimly lit street. It’s a beautiful setting that inspired this easy-to-make DIY project. If it’s cold outside, it’s nice to bring the warmth inside with the romantic candle light.
light up This mason jar that this will add only through the use of Mod smorgasbord, to a matte look to mason jars, while flameless candles add a soft glow.

Mason Jar lights
Collect These Supplies

Mason jar
Mod-hodgepodge (I have the all-in-one gloss coating)
Crystal, iridescent craft glitter
foam brush
Baker’s twine
flameless candle

1. With your foam brush, apply Mod smorgasbord to your mason jar. Cover the entire jar or apply the Mod smorgasbord in patterns such as stripes.
2. Add a generous amount of glitter in a plastic container. You roll your jar over glitter, fully covered. Let dry.
3. Apply another layer of glue over glitter seal. Let dry.

4. String one or two mini-ornaments on a piece of yarn.
5. Wrap twine around the top of your glass, and tape.
6. Add a flameless candle inside the glass and enjoy the warm glow of your light.

If you choose to frost your entire jar, you can also use it as a vase for flowers-Christmas-picks or fresh pine cuttings. Together, collect a few jars as centerpieces for your holiday table or place around your house this Winter decor.

Paste to make a warm and cozy glow this holiday season with this easy-to -, time-and budget-friendly Mod hodgepodge project. You bring one as a hostess gift to your next holiday party or to throw in your window, soft, snow-inspired glow. Happy holiday crafting!
Jessica has had the privilege of crafting and creating ever since, you keep a hot glue gun. She lives in New Jersey with her handsome husband and is constantly working on new DIY’s and recipes to share on her personal blog, Living La Vida Holoka. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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