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Glitter Monogrammed Christmas Ornaments

Nothing Christmas crafts, such as glitter says! These monogrammed Christmas ornaments are the perfect, NO mess glitter holiday project.
Nothing Christmas crafts, such as glitter says! I am in the right?? These monogrammed Christmas ornaments, my first time experimenting with Mod smorgasbord of Extreme Glitter and I loved it, because unlike most glitter craft, it was clean!
We all know the mess if a glitter-craft gets a little out of control, and you can find it in your hair for weeks. Also the glitter is in this project in a very Autonomous and I have yet to find in my hair, which is saying something.
I love with vinyl letters for projects, such as my string art canvas, and this is no different. They are easy to remove and are usually the perfect size for crafts, like this one.
DIY Monogrammed Christmas ornaments
For this project, you will:

Mod smorgasbord of Extreme glitter
Vinyl letters
Clear plastic ornaments

The first need, what you want to do a vinyl letter on the plastic ornament. I found 2 for $1, so that this project ends up being super cheap! I’m sure you could use glass as well as, if you prefer.
next, carefully color the Mod smorgasbord of Extreme Glitter around the letters, which the entire ornament.
Immediately, the letters peel off and you touch the inside of the letter with a wet q-tip, if any Mod hodgepodge of random leakage.
allow it to dry and add more layers of Mod-hodgepodge for a more dramatic glitter look. I ended up doing 3 layers of Mod-hodgepodge, because I was tingling really.
I love how subtle and pretty this monogrammed ended up Christmas decorations. And they look so beautiful against the lights on the Christmas tree. You’ve gotta try this one for yourself!
you can also use ornaments check out my copper leaf ornament tutorial for a simple way to dress up clear plastic. And be sure to hop over to my blog, homemade ginger for more Christmas craftiness!

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