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Glitter Mini champagne bottles for a Party or wedding!

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These mini champagne bottles perfect for party, wedding, or new year's eve favors! You can use this technique on any mini-bottles of alcohol. It’s easy!skills Required: beginner. Everyone can crafting this project without prior experience.

wedding season is in high swing, and we definitely need to celebrate the special occasion, for you or your friends!) This sparkling mini champagne bottles are perfect as a party to give favors, wedding favors, shower favors or even as part of a gift basket to the bride-to-be.And this can be done easily on a weekend afternoon! Join me as I share how I have favored this sparkly.Mini-champagne-bottlesBefore we jump in, I wanted to answer a few questions that you might have, that I frequently about this type of project.How do I prepare my small champagne bottles?There’t much you can do to prepare your small champagne bottles for sparkling. Just make sure the bottles are relatively clean and don’t have prints of a bunch of greasy finger on them (this Mod hodgepodge glue). you don’t have to, remove the label at all, and leave the top in tact. You may be wondering why you spray paint the bottles, and I’m going to explain that now.There are actually a few reasons, the color of the bottles: 1), so that you don’t, the label of the glitter, and 2) so that the glitter “appears” of the surface. If you don’t add a solid color background that compliments the glitter on a project like this, is the background and your glitter won’t look so good.
figcaption>courtesy of bottle your brandCan I have alcohol with mini-bottles?Absolutely! This project works well with mini wine bottles, airplane bottles, etc. The only issue you might have is with plastic mini-bottles of alcohol. Sometimes, Mod-hodgepodge doesn’t hold well to plastic. Having said that, when you paint, you should go to your bottles with a spray-paint for plastic-Mod-conglomeration, on top of that just fine.Can I mix the Mod collection and glitter, to take it over?you can. Remember, the Mod-hodgepodge (or any other acrylic medium) dulls the glitter easily. So, when you apply them, the Mod-hodgepodge and glitter mixture to your mini-champagne bottles, it won’t like Habbo, how it would be if you mix didn’t it. But it won’t get glitter everywhere, so that’s the trade-off.Can I hodgepodge it with Sparkle or Glitter Mod?Yes. To do this, you’ll have multiple layers of these formulas on the paint if. You should still paint the bottles with either spray paint or acrylic paint for glass before you paint all the Mod smorgasbord on the top. I think the effect would be nice, with one of the glitter Mod Podges.Now you’ let;s dive into the project!glitter-Mini-wine bottlesCollect These SuppliesSmall champagne bottle, spray paint in gold glitter in gold & copper (or colors of your choice)Mod-hodgepodge gloss or Matt paint brush clear acrylic sealer with a gloss finishHot glue gunPainter is tape printable tag (download here) step 1. Prepare your small champagne bottles – stick up, where in the vicinity of the opening of the seal is located. step 2. The bottle of spray paint with a light coat of gold spray paint, and wait until it is dry. step 3. Apply a thin layer of Mod-pick-and-mix to the bottle, and sprinkle a layer of gold glitter on it as you go. You wait for it to dry, as well. step 4. Apply a second layer of glitter, or to create a color gradient with a different color glitter – in my case, I have a copper colored orange. The wait to dry and apply a thin layer of Mod-smorgasbord and a pinch of gold glitter in between the two colors with a nice gradient. step 5. Spray the glittered areas with a clear acrylic spray to prevent glitter fallout. You can be sure that the glitter is a gloss spray paint, so that’to blunt t. step 6. Cut out the printable sticker suitable for your mini-champagne bottles. step 7. You stick the label on your mini-alcohol-bottles with a hot glue gun and you're done!
These babies are ready to be given away to celebrate as favors or enjoyed in one evening, you or your friend's upcoming wedding, shower, anniversary or more!

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