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Glitter iPhone and lipstick cases!

Hello! My name is Tabby and I’m addicted to it... glitter! I’m a London based Make-up Artist &Beauty writer (My Makeup My Medium, spindle magazine) and I know don’t how it happened, but I have confessed to a self, pride Mod smorgasbord of Geek! Thankfully a website exists full of others out there just like me : )

in search of any kind of Mod-hodgepodge-info online, I stumbled on Amy’s fantastic blog! I’m fairly new to this Mod conglomeration of business, but like most of you once I bought my first pot, I couldn’t stop me from Mod Podging the house.
all started when I had had enough of looking for a glittery iPhone case, I have a particularly unhealthy obsession with glitter, you see, and no phone cases, it seemed “Sparky”!
I decided to take the matter into my own hands! I got a little carried away when I discovered that you can pretty much glitterfy anything with Mod-hodgepodge, so I’ve thrown in a how you mod the hodgepodge of your lipstick as well for good measure!

glitter phone Case & lipstick
you Need

Mod hodgepodge gloss
a Variety of craft glitter
Small art brush (I used an old makeup brush from benefit)
1 iPhone case (I bought mine from paperchase)
1 lipstick (I love Mac Peach Stock)
1 piece of paper
1 almost empty glitter pot shaker

step 1
to get in On a piece of paper or in a small bowl mix together all your craft glitter, a beautiful multi-color-glitter-solution. Alternatively, more or less of certain colors to add various glitter effects, can<.br> step 2
On a piece of paper or in a small bowl, add your Mod hodgepodge of Gloss sealer in the Glitter & stir it with a brush.
step 3
Paint a layer of the glitter /Mod-hodgepodge solution on your iPhone & lipstick case, then let them dry for about 30 minutes. The solution will look grainy and white but dries clear, leaving a pretty sparkly effect.
step 4
Once touch dry, mix up another batch of the glitter glue solution & distributed to a different level. Once you have coated the cases in the wet glitter glue to draw the rest of the glitter by folding your paper in a “v-shape”, and empty the rest of the glitter back into the glitter pot (such as a funnel.)
With this loose glitter and glitter pot shaker lightly tap on the side of the glitter shaker to, loose glitter to catch and delete all the cases. This is the intensity of the glitter effect! Leave to dry for a further 30 minutes. In the meantime, clean your brush in Fairly liquid and let them dry on the side of the table.
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step 5
Gloss Last with the freshly dried clean brush, coat a final layer of plain Mod hodgepodge of Sealer across the two cases.
This is “set” the glitter in place, to ensure that you won’t get tingling hands and cheeks every time someone calls you! Let the last layer dry overnight and then Wake up to your new sparkly iPhone and lipstick 🙂 Ta!
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