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Glitter Heart Treat Bag Topper

Use Sparkle Mod smorgasbord, this blingy bag Topper treat. You out of Hand at parties and the guests you are going to LOVE! Perfect for Valentine’s day.

Hello friends! I feel, 2019 is the year of the glitter, this is the reason why I’m so excited, this sparkling Valentine’s day bag Topper treat.
I seriously just can’t get enough of glitter: the problem is it’, only,; s soooo messy. Well, at least that’s what I thought, until I discovered Mod hodgepodge of Glitter. It’s amazing!
The glitter and glue are already mixed, so it is not a big mess all over your counter . . . Clothing . . . Hair . . . Face . . .
you get it.
And Yes, I always have to seem to glitter on my face. Gah!

Valentine’s day Bag Topper
The Valentine’s Day bag Topper Treat project is so easy to get started you only need a few simple supplies, in order to!

Mod hodgepodge of Glitter
sponge paint brush
Black Cardstock
White Cardstock
a stapler or glue

To get started, first you will want to cut your white paper to 4.5″ x6.5″ rectangles, then fold them in half.
For your black paper, cut by hand, or use a die-cut machine to cut out 4″ heart. If you cut them by hand, don’t stress too much about the perfect looking. In fact, if you have children, get them in on the fun!
After you cut out your heart, staple or clip them onto your white cardstock. You cancenter -, or angle it on the page as I am.br> Now for the fun part! Take your sponge brush, and give your paper a smooth, even layer of Mod to Glitter hodgepodge.
Make sure your coat is really still, so you can distribute the glitter evenly.
Allow your paper to dry completely, and give another layer, if you want to. The funny thing about Mod hodgepodge of Glitter is that the glitter more coats you give, the more you!
I have only one coat, and as you can see, it was plenty! It really does a fantastic job of adding glitter to projects.
Seriously, I think it’t, I just used glitter, without a drop on me. Soooo it's worth it. And look at the bag Topper glitter! Love it. Can wait’t this for Valentine’s day!
a love for all things glitter If you like me, you will find Mod hodgepodge Shine HERE. Happy crafting!
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