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Gift Paper Decoupage File Cabinet - Mod-Hodgepodge Rock

Re-do a Cabinet with decoupage medium and wrapping paper. You use a Hard layer of Mod smorgasbord to your decoupage file Cabinet for extra durability!

Can I tell you something? These metal drawers serves as the Basis of this decoupage-archive-project are a dime a dozen at your local Goodwill. You have a kind of way, the way of the rotary phone in terms of office decor.
The good news? Can YOU make something that you wouldn’t afraid to display in your office or craft room! Gunsgermssteel doesn’t give the instructions for this Cabinet tag, but a project like this is not difficult. Here’s how I do itwould.br>amenities: closet (Yes, you need a surface!), Wrapping paper (make sure it isn’t have to be thin, you'll have big problems) – enough to the size of the Cab file you have, scissors, craft knife and Mat, spray primer, spray sealer and of course Mod-hodgepodge! I recommend Hard coat.
gift paper Decoupage file Cabinet

First remove all the hardware. If there are no screws, you can pop in the rule stuff out with a screwdriver.
If you can, remove the drawers.
you Spray the entire Cab file, including the drawers with primer. I recommend Krylon Spray primer. And keep in mind – you can do one of two things at this point. You can spray the file with clear primer, if you don’t care about the color. If you would like to coordinate a file of your work, choose a colored primer.
Lay the wrapping paper. This is the best thing for this type of project, if you want a uniform look, because you will get the width you need for reporting. You can also decoupage a layered look with several Newspapers!
measure and cut the paper BEFORE you cut down. This is kind of time consuming – but it's worth it! A craft knife such as an X-Acto works great. Don’t forget the Mat underneath! On the front sides, allow a little more wrap around on the inside.
spraying the paper with water, before decoupaging it down. This will minimize bubbling. The gift paper and allow to dry for 15 minutes.
Start decoupaging! I would Hard layer of Mod smorgasbord. It is specially made to be very durable for things such as furniture. Work a section at a time. The Mod-hodgepodge apply to the paper, rather than the application to the surface. That always works best for me. You smooth the paper with a brayer or even a ruler. Very gently, because a lot of packaging papers “tearable!” Give to keep the paper about 30 minutes to the file.
you Cover the outside of the file with at least two layers of Mod-hodgepodge. You can easily want to sand if you will, or not. I always do – but it’s up to you!
Replace the hardware. Spray the entire outside of the file, with a couple of layers of sealant. Allow to dry completely before you put the drawers in and with.

I know it seems like I add to seal it in a lot of steps, with spraying, etc., I'll tell you that, you can skip these steps, but I will always be detailed instructions for those who want extra durability. If you follow these steps, let me assure you, the decoupage file Cabinet will be around longer than you are!

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