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Geometric heart, Valentine's day pillow

The Valentine’s day pillow was with a Mod patchwork photo transfer medium! You can leave this technique for each. It’s a free printable for the geometric heart; get to it by scrolling to the bottom.
Okay, here's the deal. I have Mod smorgasbord of photo-Transfer-Medium, but I have never used it. I thought it was for the transmission of photographs, printed on photo paper. I had no idea that you are actually no prints transferred from a laser printer.
What?? So cool.
I love the idea of the pillows, which I rotate out for a holiday, but I don't want to spend a fortune. I think Mod patchwork photo Transfer Medium, is just like that!
pillow forms are so cheap, and you can find them at most craft stores. Sew your own pillow form to is super easy! I even made you a free printable so you can too!
DIY Valentine’s day pillow
this festive pillow, here's what you need:

Mod patchwork photo Transfer Medium
Laser printer
- scissors
16-18" pillow form
Free geometric heart printable HERE

To get started, first, print out the geometric heart pattern. Be sure to print as large as you can cushion on your work, so your heart covers as much as possible.
After printing the heart, cut off the excess paper.
then, you apply a thin layer of Mod-hodgepodge, photo-Transfer on the printed side of the paper.
Be sure to cover the entire image in a uniform layer.
next, turn your heart on your pillow with the Mod-the hodgepodge of material to the bottom. Tap lightly and smoothing their pillows in order to get rid of any wrinkles or bubbles.br> After you have waited a day, take a clean cloth and water and apply it to your heart.
RUB the heart in a circular motion until the paper starts from the image. If the image does not RUB off, use a little more water on the cloth.
Let your heart dry, and water again with a clean cloth, if there is any additional sections, the sills are still residues. You really want to, don't you be slow and careful to remove from your image. It is really funny to see the paper rubbing away!
As you can see, the image ends up being inverted, so that, if you choose, a new project with a different art, make sure that you reverse your printing, if necessary.
That's it! You don't need to allow any additional time for setting and drying. You can go further to the right, and insert your cushion into a paste.
I just LOVE it how you become my Valentine’s Day pillow! I can't wait to make more for the upcoming holidays. I think I could do a collage with all the favorite family photos.
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