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Painted Wooden chair Resist a Doily

Paint a wooden stool with a paper doily as a resist, instead of a template! You can integrate your favorite colors, then sealed with Mod-smorgasbord.
you may think me difficult – this is a painted wooden stool I have to stand with a paper doily as a resist. “Ok, Mod hodgepodge lady” you ask, “where is the Mod smorgasbord?” I knew you would ask me that. It’s here:
I mean spankin’ new Mod hodgepodge BRAND acrylic sealer on it! Cool huh? I actually use all the time on the seal of my Mod-conglomeration projects, and I used it to seal this stool also. So it counts completely.
I wanted to make something with a doily, but to stick to I want to didn’t doilies on everything. So I had this great idea of a doily, as the color resist, and I like that chair up there, the size I needed was exactly. Let me walk you through the steps to get my doily stool.
painted Wooden stool
Collect These Supplies

Unfinished wooden stool
FolkArt acrylic color: Patina, Aqua, Jamaican, marine, Metallic Teal, turquoise
Mod hodgepodge acrylic sealer, gloss of
paper doily
Spray stencil adhesive
a template or painter’s Band, 3/4″
A few brushes, including a stencil brush

Choose a color and paint your stool – just the tip. I have used Jaimaican sea for my base color. I’m going to tell you now, that you are best with the lightest color as the base of your strip. You’ll see what I’m in just a minute. Let dry.
measure your striping. I wanted four-color striping, and my stool was 10.5″. I decided that I would have with 12 strips, each would be 7/8″ wide. It’s titled “mathmagic” my friends. You make part of the lines, wherein each strip on BOTH sides of the chair. This will help with tape placement.
Use the stencil with tape to your strip. Remember, if you use four colors like I did, and you want to twelve strips that you are going to paint, three of each color. You secure the tape . . . sure. Ha!
Paint your three stripes. You will probably have to do more than one coat. This is my Metallic-aquamarine-striping.
you Remove the tape immediately. Allow to dry completely, because you will be on the tape over the strip again. You want the color to be completely dry.
the Next stripe – Aqua. Secure your Band for their next three strips. Do not forget your pen lines as your guide.
Paint your stripes, remove the tape and then repeat with your final color – to me, the Patina was. Remember that the first color you painted your fourth strip. That’s the reason why they used the lightest color – because all of the darker colors as it went.
Spray your paper doily with stencil adhesive (follow the instructions on the bottle). Flatten it down on the top of the stool.
to Use you to paint their fifth and final color of the doily. I chose turquoise. Don’t load your brush with too much paint – you want to stenciling your brush with very little paint on it while you can. It will take some time, but it’s worth the wait. Remember to also paint the edge of the doily. You’ll see why . . .
from Peel the doily and check it out! Cool, isn't it? Now fill around the edges with turquoise, or whatever was their fifth and final color. You just want to show the tape and the doily impression, not the edges. Let dry.
Paint the underside of the top of the stool with turquoise. Use your five colors, the legs of the stool, in whatever way you want to decorate. Check out my gel manicure – sadly’t keep it nice during this process?
as soon As you are finished with painted wood chair, spray it several times with your Mod hodgepodge sealer Gloss finish. You’ve contributed to, the doily trend, and you can be proud of.
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