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Fun and Flirty strawberry handmade earrings

Just in time for the strawberry-picking season – fun and girly handmade earrings! These are a great gift and are easy to make with the Mod molds.

Hey guys! It’s Aki again Dominated by strawberry back with another jewelry tutorial! It’s almost strawberry picking season here, and I dreamed that some of the fun and girly strawberry earrings for my little sister, since we have strawberries both love. Thanks to the Mod jewelry mold, Melts, this project was quick and easy! You can see how I made it!
strawberry-handmade earrings

Mod Melts strength jewelry mold
of corn or baby powder
Polymer clay
X-Acto knife or Box knife
earring posts
Mod hodgepodge Dimensional Magic
acrylic paints
Floral foam

step 1. Dust your mould with a little corn starch or baby powder – in my opinion, it’s better, the application of this technique in the use of forms with more details, such as the jewelry mold, so that when you press the sound, it’s easier to publish, because it won’t stick to the mould.

step 2. Knead and press a ball of polymer clay on the strawberry shape. Let your clay from the mould and chill in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes to harden.
After curing, back into the Form and use a carpet knife, X-Acto knife (coated with a little cornstarch so that it doesn’t stick to the clay) and you need to cut out the excess clay as shown in the photo below.

step 3. After the removal of the excess clay, press the clay once again, the Form of smoothing to the back.

step 4. Poke some holes on the back where you want to stick your earring posts. Again, let the clay from the mold and bake according to your polymer clay package’s directions – I lasted about 15 minutes at 275 degrees.

step 5. Start to paint the details of your strawberries! I used a sheet of green for the tops to compliment the pink color, the sound, and then decided I wanted to paint, the strawberry itself is a coral pink color, rather than a bubblegum pink color.

step 6. Use a sewing pin to paint in the little details like the seeds.

step 7. Attach the earring posts with E-6000 glue.

step 8. Finally, your strawberries to coat with some Mod-hodgepodge-Dimensional magic to seal the paint, and leave it for a couple of hours to dry. Glue it to the foam during the drying, so that all sides of aerate.

And you're done! If you aren’t in earrings, you can needles simply hair accessories through the compliance with the strawberries on hair. You you instead of in chains of a bill of exchange, the earring posts with a pendant bail.

Perfect small accessory for the special little girl in your life, don’t you think? Or as decorations for your next summer project! In any case, these are fast, fun and flirty – and make it so enjoyable!

Hope you liked this handmade earrings tutorial! If Yes, I would love it if you visit me on my blog and everyone has to follow my social media accounts. Happy crafting, friends!
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