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Fun and Easy DIY kids Christmas decorations

Are you looking for a fun and easy to make kids Christmas decorations? These are so fun and titillating – of any age to try!

I know that now many of you have little ones at home – you are out of school, it’s cold outside and you are bored. You may have to Tinker some funny kids Christmas! Children love Christmas decorations!
Good news – Mod smorgasbord is here to help. As many of you also the trees this weekend, you can ornaments your children at a table with these fabric scrap decoupage and let them go into the city. Once you are done, beat them on the tree (okay, not so much the slapping of the placement).
they are so easy and inexpensive, you probably have everything you need already, and your kids have a great time.
(you will learn how to a Christmas wreath for kids here!)
DIY kids Christmas ornaments
Collect These Supplies

Mod smorgasbord – your choice of flavors. I used glitter Gold, glitter silver, and gloss. Glitter Mod smorgasbord is no longer available, so I recommend either Sparkle or Extreme glitter
papier-mache-ornaments – as many as you
fabric-scraps – want to; I’t have the holiday ones, purchased specifically so that I 1/8 yard pieces from JoAnn. They were only around $.30 a piece with the sale now
ornaments – whatever you have around; I used ribbon and buttons
Flat brush – one for all!
craft glue

Here are the goods, so that the children Christmas decorations. A couple of paper balls and some fabric. Oh, Styrofoam works too, but I liked it because the trailer was attached. I have little patience when it comes to hangers-ing.
Cut your fabric into manageable bits – circles, squares, octahedrons – whatever! Parents to do you could possibly want, of course, this part, depending on the child’s age.
children love to be messy, and so was I! One or two shapes at a time, put Mod-hodgepodge down at the ball and then you put the fabric squares. You don't tell the kids to do, too large of the area at once – we don’t want to cry, when the Mod-dries to a hodgepodge, and nothing sticks!
kids paint and add fabric should hold. I had a great time! I think adults should make the children for Christmas. Do You?
Cover the entire ball.
Use your Glitter-decoupage coating of the outer sides. It’s so much fun and it really sparkles. Add as many layers as you like!
Set aside for the kids Christmas decorations to dry for 15 – 20 minutes. Use your craft glue to add embellishments. I added buttons, ribbon, etc – whatever floats your boat! Again, make sure that you glue the child is safe, if the little ones are going to be the attachment of ornaments. - Set dry for at least a few hours before hanging on the tree.
your kids had a great time,’t you? This kids Christmas craft might be good, to care for them, as gifts for family members. You can even cut out pictures or name on the top.
And as I said, you can use Christmas fabrics, but it would also be fun to use fabrics and embellishments that you have lying around.

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