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FREE Printable: craft supply Shopping list

This free printable craft supply shopping list will help you on your next trip to the store. The best part is that the cover is Mod-hodgepodge Motto!

Hello, my name is Rita and I am addicted to free printables. No, really. I love you so much, that on my blog, Mrs. Greene, I am offering, or with another free printable every day with my Daily Printables series!
I am here today to share a printable I designed for my dear friend Amy. It’s a craft supply shopping list Notepad on a Mod-hodgepodge-topic!
I even took the liberty of adding Mod smorgasbord on the list, because you know that the run out-of-hodgepodge is an emergency situation. The Assembly also includes the use of your favorite glue-and-reason-and-all-around-awesome craft supply! You’ll find the file to download at the end of the post.
Collect These Supplies

paper cutter
Matt Mod hotchpotch
Binder clips
painter’s Band

The free printable has two sides. Print a copy of the first page, on cardboard, the covers, and print your desired number of the second page, to the leaves toward the inside of the pad.
I printed 25 copies of the second page, and a 100-sheet pad. When you print, make sure that you'll be able to print “actual size” to make sure that the pages and covers come from the same size.

Use a paper cutter to trim the covers and the pages following the printed lines. Stack the pages, on the covers so that the top edge is straight. You can use a couple of binder clips to hold the stack.

mask from the top of the Editor, with the painter’s Band in order to avoid that excess Mod smorgasbord on the cover and on the side edges of the pages.

to Apply a fairly thick layer of Mod hodgepodge over the entire upper side of the block. Let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes, then a second layer of Mod-hodgepodge. Remove the tape immediately after applying the second layer.

If the Mod smorgasbord is completely dried, remove the binder clips. You can store the pad in a handy place on the craft table!
Download the free list craft-supply-printable here

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