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Free Christmas Printables: Holiday-Stationery-Set - Mod-Hodgepodge Rock

Do you love to free Christmas printables? Grab these darling holiday stationery set for kids with paper and envelopes! To get, gift-tags.

you may not Have noticed, since the last couple of years that you never get fun mail? Because I have to. Every time I open the mailbox, it’s something boring like bills. Wouldn’t you love to open your mailbox and see some sweet holiday letter paper??
There's also this set with the matching gift tags and a printable you can stick in a frame!
Yep! And you get this whole Christmas-printables FREE. You can download it HERE. I recommend that you print all of this holiday note paper on cardboard or some type of thicker paper. I like this HP presentation paper a lot for this kind of applications.
And if you are curious, I suggest you read more and learn how to assemble the envelopes. It’s really easy.
holiday stationery for kids
Collect This

Powered Printable stationery set – get it here
scissors OR craft knife and mat
Straight edge
bone folder
Double stick tape

you can Print the stationery of your choice, then cut along the lines. I freehand, but if you have a little less self-conscious, I recommend a craft knife and Mat, together with a straight edge. Some people like to ensure, perfection!
Start by folding in the side flaps first. With a bone folder to smooth out the wrinkles makes it a LOT easier! Place double-sided tape on the side flaps.
wrinkles of the face character part up over the folded sides. Flatten, glue the front panel to the sides with double sided tape.
fold the top flap. Add to secure a piece of double-sided tape.
your envelope is ready! If you would like to send you this by regular USPS mail, you can. Simply address and stamp on the other side.
Don’t forget the matching holiday stationery, if you want less, write letters or thank you notes. Adults can use it too!
As a bonus , we’ve included gift tags and a 8.5 x 11 “Happy Holidays” sign to this to complete Christmas printables pack. Are you ready to get your freebie? You just click on the link below!

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