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Floral Dimensional magic necklace DIY

For this unique necklace DIY, you’ll use a wooden pendant, Dimensional Magic, and the image of your choice. To personalise, Ideal for gifts and easy!

If you’re ready for a unique necklace DIY to share, I’m happy, the wood trailer with you. It’s a neck chain, 1), Dimensional Magic, this is one of my favorite things in the whole world; and 2) can be used individually with a picture or a scrap of paper that you want.
For this particular necklace DIY, I chose to have a copy of the title page of one of the last floor-catalog that had a beautiful watercolor-like floral design. This was the background of my necklace. It was cut’t my catalog, so I scanned that instead.
This tutorial goes for everything you want don’t cut and scan instead: the photos are one of the most common things.
But you never know, if you’find ll you a design that you have on a piece of jewelry, but you can’t you take your scissors to it. In this case, here’s what you’ll do!
Dimensional Magic necklace DIY
Collect These Supplies

Flip-Pal-mobile-scanner – this is the scanner I used, but with any scanner
Computer and printer
image is to do a scan of
DIY bracelets – 2″ pendant disc (any brand will do)
Mod hodgepodge gloss
Mod hodgepodge Dimensional Magic
FolkArt acrylic paint – Blue Ribbon (or coordinating colors)
Martha Stewart microbeads in feldspar
Making Memories metal flowers
jewelry, things – loop, chain, clasp
pencil or pen

scan your catalog on your Flip-Pal. I have a secret – I’m at work, but NOT on my lunch break. Mwahaha haha! I love the portability of my scanner. And it’s so small that I can cover with a spreadsheet, if anyone is going.
Print the design on a piece of paper to copy. If you have a laserjet printer, you can cut out and decoupage is. If you like the paper with clear acrylic spray sealer before decoupaging, or it will smear a inkjet printer, you need’ll to seal them. The tracking of your trailer with the flat side down on your design.
Cut out the paper, and make sure that it fits your trailer. Adjust if you need to. Set aside the paper.
Paint your pendant with a Blue ribbon (or coordinating color). Be more layers and allow to drylet.br> Add a medium layer of Mod-pick-and-mix to the top of the pendant. Place the paper on top and smooth thoroughly. Wipe Mod collection that pushes the pages. Let the pendant dry for 15 – 20 minutes.
Mod smorgasbord on the upper side of the paper seal. Let it dry and then add another layer of Mod-hodgepodge. In this time I have a hole where the pendant hole was – poked; I've had some random sharp object. I forget what, but the end of a paperclip or a pen.
I had texture some coordianting Martha Stewart micro breads so I will give you the project a little. Add some Mod-smorgasbord in the areas you want the beads in a bowl and sprinkle directly (works just like glitter). Let dry.
Finally, add Dimensional Magic to the top of the trailer, right over the beads. Right after I applied the DM I put the metal flower directly on the trailer.
The DM is dry, and it will be held in Position. It takes several hours for the DM to dry, so be patient – also, you can leave it in a relatively warm area. It cracks, if it’s in a cold room.
To your wood pendant on a chain add the jewelry findings of your choice. Or if you are like me and are completely spent by the Mod Podging, find someone like Candie Cooper, to do it for you.
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