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Fleur de Lis Bar Ring with Mod Melts

A really cool bar ring with Mod patchwork Mod Melts. Everything about this DIY jewelry project makes a statement – AND it’s easy!

Hi, all! Occupied Heidi from the hands. I’m getting totally hardcore with today’s jewelry-DIY – a bar ring made with Mod Melts!
I for the first time, the Mod Melts at a craft and Hobby Association conference a year-ish discovered and was fascinated at first glance. Every time, when you want, in the comfort of your own home, you can choose the shape of your own cunning shapes with a hot glue gun.
These are super fun for jewelry projects and get to them with your own colors, gemstones, etc. really fun! Today’s ring, a Explosion was to make, and has’t very long.
DIY Bar Ring

mod melts
mod royal melts icon Form
high temp glue gun
2 ring blanks
jewelry pliers
E-6000 glue
metallic craft paint
paint brush

Start by loading in your hot glue gun with a Mod melt stick, to warm up. Then you turn a ring blank to your middle finger and once around the ring finger on the same hand.
I had to use a pair of jewelry pliers to whip me in shape, because apparently I don’t have a large finger muscle strength.
Rau pliers, each ring blank with your jewelry, as shown.
Fill in the long line of fleur de lis shapes at the bottom of the Mod, the Royal icons mold Melts.
Leave for 10 minutes and carefully remove from the mold to reveal your finished shape.
Set the line of the fleur-de-lis back in the mold and rough up your back with your jewelry pliers. The Form will serve a surprising dual purpose here – it turns out that it’s a pretty safe way glue to dry on the back of the Mod melt into the night!
Put a decent glob of E-6000 glue on your mod melt shape, and carefully place each ring is empty, so you’re arranged, so that the finished ring is on the top right hand you want to wear the ring on.
With the bar rings, you’ve got to remember that she is right-handed or left-handed, because each ring is designed to fit on a certain finger. Just a heads up. 🙂
After the E-6000 dries for at least 24 hours for paint to paint the whole ring with metallic craft and let it dry before you wear. Doesn’t this look crazy fancy? Like especially since you DIY’d the one with the hot glue gun?!
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