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Fabulous gemstone rings, you Can in minutes

You can use to create Mod Melts, these incredible and glittering gemstone rings. Ask for holidays, parties, dress up . . . They are easy enough to do even for a child!

Hello there! Holly here from the Club back to my love for the Mod to declare Designed to Melt, especially if in combination with my favorite silicone-gemstone shape.
The two of them together, they were the perfect couple for the production of mold-gemstone-rings in Melts that are extra-large, colorful, and glittering.
(get a tutorial for the Mod DIY hair melt-pins here!)
I know that these gemstone rings may not be your everyday style, but I gave several to my niece, I made them and they absolutely loved them!
you didn't want to take it out in blue. You can go for holidays, parties or any celebration! Plus, they are extremely easy to make.

Earn gemstone rings
it Supplies

silicone 3D gemstone shape
Mod Melts & Mod Melter
Ring blanks

step 1: Heat the Mod Melter and load the desired color of the Mod Melts glue. Slowly you use to fill the gun, a gemstone shape with layers of Mod Melts glue. Go slow, so that the adhesive fills any gap, all the way to the top of the Form, and repeat.
tip: I find that tapping the mold a few layers helps on the countertop after filling to settle the glue, that all the cracks filled.
step 2: Once the glue has dried and cooled to the touch, carefully pull it out of shape. It should be easy to remove.
step 3: Use the Mod melter, attach the ring blanks on the flat bottom of the stones.
step 4: paint them as desired! I have a combination of color and glitter to the gemstone rings to sparkle. In this case, I painted a layer of paint and quickly sprinkled the glitter directly on top.
quickly, and you are ready to use! You can do this safely with a silicone mold, and the Mod Melts very well and feel lightweight, so it is ideal for the production of rings and similar jewelry.
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