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Fabulous DIY party favors in Four Simple steps

This simple and cute DIY party favors are so easy to make – and you use a quote that you already have in your house! Click for the tutorial.
While we’re always in the vicinity of the end of the summer, my son’s 3. Birthday is coming up and I want to have a nautical theme party for him. I thought I would start favors some of the party early. These Nautical Party favors to make are easy to use and can be customized with any theme as long as you can, you can find the scrapbook paper!
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Easy Nautical DIY-party-favors
For this cool DIY party favors, you’re going to:
Collect These Supplies

Mod hodgepodge Matt
Scrapbook paper
foam brush
- scissors
toilet paper rolls

to save First steps
I found some really cool pieces of scrapbook paper at my local craft store. You are really what inspired me to this DIY-party-favors in the first place. I rounded out the rest of my supplies, including Mod-hodgepodge in order to get started.

step 1 – Cut Scrapbook paper
I started by measuring my scrapbook paper, then cut it out.

step 2 – ready to Add your Scrapbook paper
Now I’ I;m, to roll it in toilet paper. Just add a little Mod-smorgasbord, the toilet-paper roll gently and insert your scrapbook paper. Wrap it around the toilet paper roll, so that you can blow sure to smooth out all the air.
to Dry for 20 minutes.

step 3 – Turn the Tops
Once the toilet paper rolls are dry, it’s time, the curve to the tips. This part is super easy, bend very easily.

step 4 – Last-cut
Finally, you add your Goodies inside (I used, of course, a life-saver) and you fold the other side. Stop by your decorative tape. I use to keep a small Mod smorgasbord on the back of the tape in place.
If you add a printable for the party, this would be a good touch, the outside of their party favors as well.
There you have ya: a simple and inexpensive party favors for your next nautical-themed party! This would be ideal for a nautical themed baby shower or bridal shower! The possibilities are endless.
The anchor-Band, the I found, was my favorite touch. I found it at JoAnns for $1.00, total bargain!
I can wait’t to start to work, more projects for the nautical theme party. I think my little guy is so excited. I always have a great time, these parties together with my three boys. I’s all about diy parties on the cheap!
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