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Fabric Covered Wooden Spoon Gift Idea - Mod Conglomeration Of Rocks

Honestly, I’m not just the most romantic man in the world. Maybe it’s grew up with four brothers . . . but to do a dinner and not look in my friend’s eyes is what I want for Valentine’s day.
I don’t want flowers either (although I’ll sweets). I really enjoy the gifts to my friends more than anything on Valentine’s day!
I saw this fabric covered wooden spoon idea, and I thought, this is perfect . . . especially for my food/cooking friends will love (there are some).
So if you’re in for gifts for V-day, as I am, take a look at this project. They were enforced with Hard-Coat Mod hodgepodge, but I’m thinking, if you are a dishwasher uses a fixed Mod smorgasbord, you’d wash in the location of these bad boys. You can learn how below.
fabric-covered wooden spoons ~ handmade gift series at Alice & Lois

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